ASCENSION OF THE LYRE - Futuristic-Themed Album

"Music to transcend space and time..."

Amazon (USA) Review of "Ascension of the Lyre"

Inspired by Spock's 'Vulcan Harp', going boldly where no lyre player has gone before, this album literally aims to ascend the possibilities of the recreated lyres of antiquity into the music of the far-flung future...

The title of this album features a pun on the ancient Greek legend of the ascension of Orpheus from the Underworld (as depicted on the album cover - the most famous lyre player in the literature of Classical antiquity) and my musical mission in this album, to literally ascend the lyre from its previous status as a dusty, long-forgotten ancient museum relic; onto a new musical journey into the 21st century and beyond, literally giving it a new voice, by metamorphosing it's ancient timbre with a host of contemporary studio effects...

In creating this album, my main aim is to illustrate that the recreated lyre of antiquity also has the hidden magic to transport the listener to the distant future as well as the ancient past, a 'musical spaceship' to take the listener on a fantasy voyage to strange and remote alien worlds…

If Elon Musk's dream of humanity soon becoming an interplanetary species becomes a truly inspirational reality, what music may our not too distant descendents one day be listening to? What could become the new 'National Anthem' for the first human colony on Mars?

This album therefore fulfills the primary objective of my musical mission - to ascend the iconic lyre of our ancient past into what may one day become, the musical instrument of our distant future, wherever in the solar system and beyond our descendants may one day find themselves...

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