My 'New Ancestral Musical Revolution' just prominently featured in an article on early music published by Bandcamp, (one of the most renowned digital music stores for the independent artist), entitled "The Search for the Oldest Music on Bandcamp".

The complete article can be found here


Due to the recent fascinating cross-cultural and international interest in my musical mission, the story of my efforts to reintroduce the ancient musical modes and recreated lyres of antiquity back into the modern musical world featured in a story published in the Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)...

The complete story, entitled "Playing the Music of the Pharaohs and Prophets" can be read here


The story of my lyre music has just gone to print in "The Hindu", India's no.1 literary English daily in the prestigious section 'Friday Review' where international artists of high caliber are featured: and the biggest English language newspaper in the whole of Southeast Asia!

The complete online article can be read here and a free PDF of the actual newspaper story can be downloaded here

King David's Lyre; Echoes of Ancient Israel

Michael Levy has reconstructed ancient Hebrew music on his lyre. Michael Levy is truly an original -- although the music he plays is largley forgotten. He takes the oldest music in the world and plays them on the lyre -- the way it is meant to be played -- resuscitating the music back to life. There is something ancient, primal, & primordial to the music he creates. Michael is real passionate musician, and his music is one of my greatest personal discoveries I found last year. Other albums include "The Ancient Egyptian Harp" and "Ancient Landscapes."

Michael Levy: King David’s Lyre...

 Levy is a descendant of the Levites, the musicians in the Holy Temple. Like them, he plays a 10-stringed lyre. The experience of hearing melodies like “Oh Chanukah,” “Araber Tantz,” and “Hatikva” played on an instrument that predated them by millennia is exhilarating. It is the sound of Jewish history itself. The lyre’s sound is often like the guitar, but also tones of the lute, oud, balalaika and its other ancestors can be heard. Hearing its bejeweled tones, and then recognizing among them a familiar melody, is revelation. The lyre’s design was taken from coins dating from the Second Temple period; it is probable that the Levites who played at the rededication of the Temple—a festival they called “Chanukah”— would recognize this instrument and its sound.

Below is a link to this rather entertaining article, all about my music, my albums..& my somewhat more dubious "life experiences" to date!!!

Jewish Telegraph

Self-taught musician Michael Levy is reviving the mystical sound of the ancient Jewish Temple lyre - a stringed musical instrument. Mr Levy, 40, has spent the past three years teaching himself to play the lyre after he bought a replica of the 10-string Kinnor - once played by the Levite musicians in the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 CE. He began broadcasting his music on YouTube and received requests from more than 1,000 subscribers to compile an album. And he has recently released exactly that: King David's Lyre; Echoes of Ancient Israel - a combination of Klezmer arrangements, traditional Jewish and Shabbat Songs. Tracks include The Music of Moses, Shalom Chavarim and Ose Shalom. "It has enabled me to get in touch with my ancient Levi routes," Manchester-based Mr Levy tells People. "The lyre is such a simple instrument. There are only ten strings but you can get such sounds out of it. When you play it, you feel like you are being transformed to another realm." He adds: "The Kinnor was the actual harp of King David, and also of my very own, very ancient Levite ancestors, who once played their Kinnors to accompany the legendary singing of the Levitical Choir, in the Temple of Jerusalem." Mr Levy, also a support worker for adults with learning disabilities, intends to release the CD both in the UK and America.

My arrangement for solo lyre of the oldest known complete song so far known from antiquity, the 2000 year old ancient Greek drinking song, "Epitaph of Seikilos", has been featured in a newspaper story on he other side of the world, in the Australian Daily Telegraph.The complete story can be read here



In December of 2013 I stumbled upon the website of Michael Levy. He can be described as a composer for the lyre, an instrument that has its roots in ancient world. I immediately began to appreciate his music as it was a doorway to our past. As a result I ended up purchasing digital copies of his music on Amazon, specifically from the album titled The Ancient Greek Lyre. It was such a great listen that I even wrote a review:

'History Brought to Life

Michael Levy, a talented musician, has done an excellent job of reviving the music of the ancient world. I can only imagine the ancient Greek symposium where philosophical debates (and drinking) took place whilst being entertained by beautiful music such as this. Or when epics such as Homer’s Iliad & Odyssey were sung to the lyre. I am extremely grateful for stumbling onto his work.

I also placed one of the tracks (Hymn to the Muse) as the background music to my project, 'An Age of Heroes'.

I mention all of this because I follow Michael on both YouTube and Google+ and he routinely posts updates and new compositions always worth listening to. So if you desire to listen to the music of the ancient world, that is ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hurrian, etc., I would definitely check out his work. It truly does bring the old world history to life.

Michael gained International academic recognition for all his research since 2006, into attempting to recreate the ancient lyre practices of antiquity, in a full length article, published in the Summer 2013 edition of "The American Harp Journal"

The paper by Diana Rowan includes an analysis of my work, along with the work of the Ethiopian Begena player, Temesgen Hussein and Michalis Georgiou, the founder of Terpandros, the The Cyprus Ensemble of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments.

A PDF of the paper, entitled "The Universal Lyre: Three Perspectives" can be freely downloaded from the link below:


The article can also be read and shared online on Questia


I've been listening to Michael Levy's latest release for while now and it is slowly sinking deeper into my psyche. It works very well as meditation music and sounds great on headphones too. What distinguishes this one from his other works is his use of modern studio effects to give the lyre a sense of being an instrument of the far future rather than the past. These effects give the tracks an even more deeply calming vibe, and the song titles help to evoke certain sensations and mental images of the vast extents of our Solar System which intensifies the mood even further. Most of them (Monolith of Phobos in particular) have an eerie effect that does very well to transport the listener. This all adds to the contemplative aspect of the lyres sound. My own use of Michael's music is as a constant background mood setter and the lyre's timelessness seems to make it fit any activity or moment of the day.

I particularly love the up and down swoopings of the reverb. This could be seen as one of the record's main strengths as if you lose yourself in the mood, it gives you what the lyre has always promised, to take you on a deep journey. These tracks all sound well produced and professionally mixed. It's hard to imagine that something of such depth was created on a single track recorder, which is a testament to his virtuoso double handed playing skills.

An interesting track that seems to stand out from the others is Transcendental Tapestry which heightens the mood of the more chilled out vibe of the album, by its use of Michael's innovative percussive technique which works well as the album's penultimate track just before its epic 10 minute finale. Transcendental Tapestry tells of things yet to come, with Michael now experimenting further thanks to his unique lyre audio capsule that allows him to plug his lyre into amplifiers directly and create more of these looping soundscapes in a live setting. Indeed, this album seems to draw to a close an era of his early experimental works, and leaves me wondering at where he will go next in his lyre projects, as the limitless possibilities that cutting edge technology has now laid out a new phase in the lyre's exciting renaissance. It has been a fascinating journey so far, but just like Nasa's voyager spacecraft itself has recently found out, there is much beyond the limits of the Solar System yet to explore.

"The Kithara of Classical Antiquity" seems to have a different kind of vibe to Michael Levy's other records. The most immediately recognizable difference is that this is the first record which he sings on, using minimalist vocals and strummed intros which work well to highlight the melody of each track. The vocals don't take over, leaving the lyre itself always centre piece. These vocal intros give the record a feeling of being one long performance, instead of individual tracks, a feeling which becomes more apparent and mesmerising upon repeated listens and indeed when played in random order.

One of the true delights is that there are some very nice double hand picking sections throughout, and having been playing the lyre myself for a while now I can further appreciate the skill needed to play these pieces. The fact that Michael is using an expertly handcrafted Kithara makes this perhaps his most authentically "Greek" record yet, with some class whammy guitar effects spread throughout.

Stand out tracks include "The Death of Agamemnon" which evokes an appropriately mournful feeling and opener "Odysseus and the Sirens" which combined with its oceanic backing and variety of techniques is a piece one simply never tires of listening to.

In short, this would serve as the best introduction yet to one of today's most distinct musical artists.

Michael Levy's Ancient Lyre

My reviews of some of Michael Levy's Ancient Lyre albums. Check out more of his work at

Ancient Visions

Michael Levy is one of the few musicians out there producing work which evokes the spirit of the ancient world. While his pieces are mainly original compositions, they are backed up with a good scholarly knowledge of how these instruments were played and remain true to the sounds of antiquity in their austere eloquence as pieces for solo lyre.

This record is inspired by the haunting sounds of Mesopotamia and makes us think of all the ancient beauty which is now sadly lost to us. That loss is made somewhat less painful by Michael's dedication to reviving the sounds of those long forgotten times.

Ode to Ancient Rome

Michael Levy's experience as an ancient lyre player has brought us this collection of wonderful tunes which do very well to take us back to classical times. He manages to recapture the feeling of Rome in all its stoical splendour. The pieces offered here give us a deep sense of tranquility which is something to be much appreciated in our modern musical era.

Michael's music is also the perfect classical reading accompaniment, so next time you pick up a book by the likes of Ovid or Homer, put this record on and let yourself be carried away by the muses.

21st Century Lyre Music

This EP is part of Michael Levy's ongoing quest to bring the musical instruments of antiquity back to us. This time however, he shows us that the lyre is not only for the tastes of the sentimentalists of the past, but should also be an instrument for our own times too. In a world with such a constantly stressful pace of life as ours, we need the calming sounds of the lyre more than ever.

Here Michael experiments with different modern sound effects which have lead him to some rather interesting results and manage to evoke a glimpse of something of vast potential proportions, all of which indicates this instrument's potential for 21st century culture. Indeed the way back is the way forward, and if our own culture can regain the harmony of classical austerity, we shall all be the richer for it. If that is not enough, It also makes for a great meditation experience!

The Lyre of Apollo

This new selection of tracks are played on a recently developed replica of an Ancient Greek lyre, which adds to the authenticity which Michael Levy strives to bring to our understanding of the ancient art of the muses. There are several of his earlier pieces presented again to us here and the difference is palpable, this new lyre has a much deeper sounding resonance. You can hear Michael's experience on the lyre in the variety of different techniques he uses and it seems that he has here reached a new level in the development of his craft.

What distinguishes his pieces is the Horatian golden mean which he manages to strike between a purely scholarly approach remaining true to original fragments together with a more openly creative artistic license taken with what the ancients mean to us today. He uses what has survived with respect but isn't afraid to fill in the gaps, as it were, to help us towards a deeper appreciation. A good example of this is stand out track "Skolion of Seikilos", one of the few pieces which have come down to us in its entirety. It has a singularly calming beauty in spite of being a song for a drinking party! So pick up a copy of Plato's symposium and this record will take you closer to it than ever.

The Lyre of Hermes

According to Greek myth, it was Hermes who invented the tortoise shell lyre and that is the premise from which Michael Levy begins his latest collection of lyre pieces. The lyre of Hermes certainly has a richer quality of sound, helping to distinguish it from the more commonly heard sound of the harp. Stand out tracks include "Lampades (Nymphs of Hades)" which demonstrates Michael's growing virtuosity along with other techniques he is developing with this new lyre. So if you want to deepen the mood whilst reading the classics, this is the perfect thing to listen to.

Michael Levy’s extreme roots music and the oldest song in the world...

Getting back to one’s roots via music is a venerable and worthwhile pursuit, but few have taken the quest as far as Michael Levy. He’s reconstructing the music of his ancestors from over 3000 years ago!

Levy, a 40-something native of the UK, began exploring his musical heritage as a Klezmer fiddler, playing the old Jewish music of Eastern Europe. Perhaps the traditional scales of Klezmer piqued an interest in other unusual scales, as he later became a student of middle-eastern music, and then in the ancient music of the region, particularly lyre music.

He has studied the lyres and lyre playing techniques of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Hebrews, among others. Written music and descriptions of ancient playing techniques exist, but they are scanty, so Levy has also studied the musicians where the lyre-playing tradition still lives in North Africa and elsewhere.

His reconstructions of ancient music undoubtedly involve some speculation. But he has approached ancient lyres with the sensibility of a musican, and the results are fascinating and haunting.

The lyre produces two distinctive sounds, a harp-like tone produced by plucking with the fingers of the left hand, and a more biting tone produced by picking the strings with the right hand. This is fun to watch.

The subject of tuning the lyre is endless, but I’ll not go into it here, except to note that Levy began tuning the lyre using standard Western scales, but eventually began to explore “just” intonation, in which the frequencies of the strings are related by integer ratios. I’ll probably have a lot more to say about that at a later time, but you can listen here to try to discern the difference in sound from modern music.

Levy has hundreds of videos on youtube, and a ton of albums on iTunes that you can sample. I’ve listened to a lot of these, and I find them by turns relaxing and strangely haunting. There’s a ton of additional background information on his website as well. I’ll leave the exploring to you, but by all means check it out.

I originally learned of Levy when I became curious about what the oldest known written music might be. It happens to be “Hurrian Hymn no.6″, which was written on a clay tablet 3400 years ago. The tablet was discovered in the 1950′s in Syria, and eventually decoded in the seventies. Levy had the good fortune to be chosen to record the melody. In his own words:

In my arrangement of the Hurrian Hymn, I have attempted to illustrate an interesting diversity of ancient lyre playing techniques, ranging from the use of “block and strum” improvisation at the end, glissando’s, trills & tremolos, and alternating between harp-like tones in the left hand produced by finger-plucked strings, and guitar-like tones in the right hand, produced by use of the plectrum.

You can hear this haunting echo of an inconceivably old civilization here. Thanks to Michael Levy, the “musical shaman,” for this fascinating work.

I first found Michael Levy’s music by watching one of his YouTube videos that had him playing ancient Greek melodies. When you listen to his music, you’ll find that his mastery of the instrument is clear and his musical sensitivity and talent are also evident. In terms of his technique as well as sense of melody and rhythm, the pieces are intriguing.

His thriving individuality and creative expression resulting in one of the most authentic ancient music recreations of
our time.

Thank you for this highly informative interview, it’s a good way for fans to get to know more about Michael Levy.

An Outstanding Compilation...

This album is a compilation of some of the most meditative and beautiful recordings made by today's foremost lyrist, Michael Levy.

This collection contains works gleaned largely from Mr. Levy's Greek- and Roman-themed albums recorded between 2012-2017. A few tracks are unique to this collection, however, including a new arrangement of "Ancient Visions," a work originally featured in Mr. Levy's 2010 release "Ancient Visions: New Compositions for an Ancient Lyre" as well as the remarkable "Etude in the Olympos Pentatonic Scale."

The album features performances on a number of expertly reconstructed ancient lyres, all employing "just" (or pure) intonation. The employment of this natural intonational system is intrinsic to the soothing quality of the music. A number of ancient musical scales, with their beautiful and haunting intonational subtleties, are also featured throughout the tracks in this collection.

Among others, this album is a helpful aid to prayer, meditation, yoga, therapy, or simply to help one relax one's mind and body after (or during) a stressful day.

Highlights include "In an Ancient Roman Garden," "The Golden Age of Pericles," "Minerva," "Odysseus and the Sirens," "Sacred Reverie," "Etude in the Archytas Enharmonic Genus," "Etude in the Olympos Pentatonic Scale," and "Ascenion of the Lyre."

Futuristic Music From Ancient Greece...

Socrates and Plato thought that the Earth (if you would look on it from the Space) looked like coloured football ball (Phaedo, 110b). Probably they listened to the music like this?

Michel Levy reinvents the music of the Ancient world and places it in new context. Yes, this music is played completely on replica of the Ancient Greek lyre (and sometimes it's hard to believe in it), but Michael Levy adds overdubs, echos, reverb, studio effects and music for the lyre turns into something new - it sounds as modern ambient space music with exotic scents and perfumes created with the help of ancient tonalities and sounds of ancient instrument. Because of it music by Michael Levy will be interesting for different kinds of listeners: to the lovers of ambient music and to those who like historically informed performances. If you like ambient - you can relax, close your eyes and imagine fantastic pictures of distant space. If you like music played on authentic instruments - you'll be amazed by possibilities of the Ancient Greek lyre once more and you'll imagine how it could sound with the natural acoustic ambience, with echoes.

Tracks “Made of Stardust”, “Methane Lakes of Titan”, “Transcendental Tapestry ”, “Solar Wind”, "Timelessness" are relaxing. Other tracks are sounding as bootleg records from live shows by Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix (if they were playing lyre).

“Ascension of the Lyre” is the album of its own genre:

Ascension of the Lyre

Music to transcend space and time...

Michael Levy is an absolutely amazing artist whose music transports the listener through time and space. It helps me work with a peaceful mind. I could not recommend Michael Levy's music more.

Time Travel Machine...

I first heard of Michael Levy in the awesome "Podcast History of our World". What a treasure! If you have even the faintest interest in history you owe it to yourself to check out his incredible work. It's the closest one can come to owning a Time Travel Machine. Each tune conjures up images of the ancient world. It all comes to life. Pure Magic!

The Epic Poetry of the Lyre...

From the lullaby-esque pluckings of “Awe of the Aten” to the pulsing intensity of “The Battle of Thermoplyae,” Musical Adventures in Time Travel… moves its listeners from the biblical to the lyrical via the beautiful vibrations of the one of music’s most ancient instruments, the lyre. In his Michael Levy’s hands, this instrument becomes at times soft and playful, at others robust and powerful, but always arresting. Here the narrative strings speak as would a poet were playing them, and in fact even in place of the poet.


Michael Levy is the lyre’s contemporary virtuoso, a poet of the past whose words are the struck and plucked notes of his lyre. I would recommend this album to anyone who wants to hear the visceral beauty of sound stripped down to strings, music laid bare, beautiful.

Trans-millennial journey...

Michael Levy's works have accurately been described by iTunes (USA) as "tranquil, soothing, and hauntingly beautiful." His transcendent compositions in "Musical Adventures in Time Travel", which can hardly be more aptly titled, live up to that description and confront the listener with a world that is distant and alien, yet at the same time "familiar" in a deeply primordial sense. Prepare to be transported from your 21st-century surroundings and petty modern a windswept rocky outcrop on a Mediterranean trading route -- or a mystical sandstone temple, lit by fire and imbued with the presence of gods long forgotten.

"Thus all day long the young men worshipped the god with song, hymning him and chaunting the joyous paean, and the god took pleasure in their voices; but when the sun went down, and it came on dark, they laid themselves down to sleep by the stern cables of the ship, and when the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared they again set sail for the host of the Achaeans. Apollo sent them a fair wind, so they raised their mast and hoisted their white sails aloft. As the sail bellied with the wind the ship flew through the deep blue water, and the foam hissed against her bows as she sped onward."

This album is not only musically sublime but also a masterpiece of high historical value, probably the closest recreation of ancient roman music that we will have the pleasure to be delighted with, a musical travel to ancient distant times. The slightest music effects are applied in these pieces, which sound as clear as a drop of water. Music to reflect your soul on, like observing your reflection in the flow of a calm river. A little parenthesis in our daily lives to bring some peace into our minds. Evoking a wide variety of human emotions, only a musical genius could transmit such deep emotions to our hearts. Contemplation, meditation, joy, sorrow, bravery...

A very smooth transition between the tracks and a very special ending with the chord-like sounds of Gloria Belli, that will make you feel like an ancient roman soldier about to get in battle, holding high ideals of glory and honor. I'll never be thankful enough for Michael's musical contributions to this world, It's being an honor to discover it and be able to enjoy it so much. Your musical work is simply magical...

May this world find the peace and love every sentient being needs, through this amazing, inspiring music.

Takes me to a time of simple purity!

This and Michael’s other CDs do excellently what so many other artists fail to grasp - that music is supposed to be an uplifting and introspective journey for the listener to behold. Michael’s music carries you on an acoustic flying carpet into centuries past, letting the listener dream! I wholeheartedly encourage others to explore this beautiful genre of music.

Simply beautiful...

Michael Levy’s The Ancient Roman Lyre resonates with a deep, almost bodily exploration of sound. In these reflective (and yet somehow still breathtaking) song, the strings tremble so organically one feels their vibrations against the lyre as one hears the rustling of the leaves against its own wind blown branches. Understated and thoughtful until it erupts into its celebratory conclusion, this album moves its listeners so deeply into its strumming strings they may find themselves celebrating not the glory of war, but the glory of the music before them.

More Than King David...

Back in the days that I ran a music department at Borders, I had a customer come in with a special request: he wanted to know if I had any CDs that featured harp music. “I love the harp more than King David,” he said. How I wish we had carried Michael Levy's albums back then. I could have sold him every single one.

I would have added those albums to my own collection, as well. Up until recently I've only owned a few harp albums, including Harps of the Ancient Temples and Debussy's Harp, performed by Yolanda Kondonassis. Now I've been able to download Michael Levy's album, The Ancient Roman Lyre, and it's a wonderful addition.

No language speaks more clearly to people than music, and the ancient lyre is music in its purest form. Listening to The Ancient Roman Lyre is as close to time travel as I'll ever get – I can imagine the Roman baths, or gardens, or courtyards where diners have finished their meal and are enjoying wine and contemplation. The fidelity of the recording is beautiful and the performance is a salve for the soul.

Lovers of the harp and the lyre, (and possibly even the lute), rejoice. You can download this album or buy it on CD (or both). Sample it and judge for yourselves . . .

Relaxing Studies...

I enjoy Michael Levy's ancient music very much, and have all of his works. I am a student of Ancient Rome and would love to go back in time to be there. Since I have yet to learn how to go back in time, this music helps me to feel that I'm there.

Michael came, he saw, he conquered...

Ancient Roman music may have sunk without a trace in the depths of history - at least in its written form - but in THE ANCIENT ROMAN LYRE Michael Levy has evoked its "anima", its aspiring soul, better than any other treatment I've yet heard even by academic ensembles. Every aspect of lyre playing technique Michael has learned is employed, yet in the spirit of the Golden Mean, never any one of them too much. More disciplined tonally in its melodic formulations than most of Michael's previous work, THE ANCIENT ROMAN LYRE features the *kinnor or late-model Hebrew lyre built by Marini Made Harps, the "secret sauce" of the style of just intonation implied by Suzanne Haik-Vantoura's resitution of biblical chant, the use of various ancient Greco-Roman diatonic modes, and the excellence of timbre granted by modern string materials evoking ancient equivalents. The result of Michael's focused efforts is music worthy of cinematography, of historical documentary.

Michael Levy keeps the music of the Ancient world alive. Short and beautiful improvisation on lyre, ambiental sounds of flowing water and birds - nearly 4 minutes of pure joy of listening.

Hear the Wonderful Sound from the Past...


There are many impressive records of Ancient Greek music but the question remains the same: how this music really sounded in Antiquity? The problem is that the Greeks and the Romans used the gut strings, but how to re-create these strings in modern conditions? Researcher Peter Pringle supposed that silk strings could sound most close to these Ancient world strings. Michael Levy wrote new music for lyre using just intonation. The result is pleasant melody and it'd hard to believe that we are hearing strings made not from metal but from natural live material - the silk. So it's not authentic Ancient Greek music but this track gives us possibility to imagine how it sounded.


By the way, records by Michael could be helpful for the teachers of history - from my own experience I could say that some kids are listening to his records with the interest.


In the silence in between one chord and the next, Michael Levy brings to us the evocations of far worlds, lost heroes and fabulous chimeras. I could not recommend his music more. Pure poetry.

This is absolutely incredible music. I love how you blend the old and the new together into something extraordinary! Wonderful!

Travel to Imagined Ancient Rome

Very beautiful and relaxing melody performed by Michael Levy on ancient lyre in Phrygian mode. Michael tried to re-create Ancient Roman lament which could be played by Emperor Nero himself. So it's not Ancient music it's modern music which could give you a hint how the real music of Antiquity sounded, it gives you aroma brought by the wind from our past. Anyway the record is interesting and enjoyable even if you are not Ancient World Music fan. If you like this lament - try other records by Michael Levy with real fragments of music from Ancient Greece. I recommending "A Well Tuned Lyre. The Just Intonation of Antiquity".

You could compare records by Michael with other reconstructions of Ancient World music - records by Ensemble De Organographia, Atrium Musicae de Madrid, Kerylos Ensemble, Musica Romana, Hristodoulos Halaris, Synaulia - and you'd open for yourself whole new world of sounds, emotions and spirituality of Antiquity. Of course we could only imagine how the music sounded in that epoch but I'm sure that better to hear reconstructions of music than only read about it in the books.

Thank you, Michael!

Nero looks with envy on Michael Levy's magnificent performance...

Nero himself always wanted to play and dance, but failed utterly at it due to his lack of talent. I bet he looks down with envy on Michael Levy's composition and magnificent performance. Though, he has nothing to be envious of, nothing to be jealous over, no need for spite. As this breathtaking piece of ancient music is dedicated to him!

 I could listen to this piece 10 times a day every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it! A must have for every ancient roman music fan!!!

A Trip Through Time...

THIS is what the ancient world sounded like. Tranquil, soothing, and hauntingly beautiful, Michael has once again used his musical instruments as time machines, bringing us back to a long lost age.

New Approach to Recreation of Ancient Music

Very interesting and pleasant record. Michael Levy used the just (pythagorean) intonation for the tuning of his lyre. As a result - the music of Ancient Greece sounds delicate, light, relaxin' and refreshing.

Michael recorded for this album 3 compositions of his own ("Music of Celestial Spheres", "Vapours of Delphi", "A Well Tuned Lyre"), 4 Ancient Greek fragments ("Kolon Exasimon", "Epitaph of Seikilos", "The First Delphic Hymn to Apollo", "Lament of Simonides") and one fragment of questionable origin ("Poem. Mor"). Ancient Greek fragments are well known and were recorded many times by other researchers, but here the sound is different.

I'm not an expert and I can't tell you that this record is the most truest recreation of Ancient world music but it's very heartful and it's close to our vision of imagined Ancient Greece.

If you are interested in this kind of time travels I could recommend you to compare this and other albums by Michael with the records of Ancient Greek music by Ensemble De Organographia, Musica Romana, Chistodoulos Halaris, Ensemble Melpomen, Ensemble Kerylos - you'll open for yourself new worlds of Ancient World culture...

Another magnificent album by Michael Levy...

A Well Tuned Lyre - The Just Intonation of Antiquity is another magnificent album by Michael Levy. It is beautiful and almost seems to sweep the listener away and so vividly done that it takes you back to Antiquity. The music flows through you like as ocean tide, it has a peaceful almost philosophical cadence to it. I highly recommend these recordings to anyone who loves ancient greek/roman music.

Authentic Lyre...

I'm an audio engineer who makes commercials, and I had a client who wrote a radio spot specifically around a 4th century Greek Lyre. I would normally turn to my music libraries for this, but quickly found out it wasn't something I was going to find. A web search led me to Michael Levy, and this album. I emailed Michael, and pretty painlessly set up a licensing agreement. The recording was broadcast quality, authentic sounding,and I found a melodic segment that fit our needs perfectly. Happy client - thanks Michael! 

Another magnificent album by Michael Levy...

A Well Tuned Lyre - The Just Intonation of Antiquity is another magnificent album by Michael Levy. It is beautiful and almost seems to sweep the listener away and so vividly done that it takes you back to Antiquity. The music flows through you like as ocean tide, it has a peaceful almost philosophical cadence to it. I highly recommend these recordings to anyone who loves ancient greek/roman music.

Just Tuning... 

We in the West have gotten so used to hearing music out of tune (since the era of Bach's Well-Tempered Klavier, that the spiritual purity of music and its calming effect on our psyches and society has been tragically absent. Michael Levy, amongst other "Pythagorists," is exposing our jaded ears to the music of the ancients and to their wisdom, inherently an integral part of the tunings and modes. This music will simultaneously calm and inspire the listener. Nirvana anyone?

Bezaubernde harfenartige Solo-Klänge antiker Lyra...

Apollo, der Gott der Musik, der Dichtkunst und des Gesangs, wurde häufig mit einer Kithara oder einer Lyra dargestellt, wie auf antiken Fresken zu sehen ist. In der Antike waren die Lyra und die Kithara zwei ganz wichtige Musikinstrumente, die heutzutage leider weitgehend in Vergessenheit geraten sind. Doch zum Glück gibt es einen Enthusiasten, der die warmen Klänge der Lyra, die denen von Harfen ähneln, wieder neu zum Leben erweckt: MICHAEL LEVY.


Neulich suchte ich nach Musik im Stil der Antike und stieß bei meinen Nachforschungen u.a. auf Michael Levys Webseite und im weiteren Verlauf hier auf Leider ist die Musik der Antike bis auf relativ wenige überlieferte Fragmente verloren gegangen, doch da sich Michael Levy eingehend mit Fragen der Musikarchäologie beschäftigt hat, ist er in der Lage, eigene Stücke zu komponieren und vorzutragen, wie es sie in der Antike durchaus gegeben haben könnte. In Michael Levy haben wir einen virtuosen modernen, antiken "lyristes" (vgl. z.B. die Plinius-Briefe: C. Plinii Caecilii Secundi Epistulae 1, 15, 2; 9, 17, 3; 9, 36, 4), der die Musik der Antike nicht nur in Form von eigenen Kompositionen rekonstruiert, sondern auch gekonnt auf seinen der Antike nachempfundenen, speziell angefertigten Instrumenten vorträgt. Michael Levys reichhaltiges Repertoire umspannt die gesamte Antike; so finden wir Musik im altägyptischen Stil, im altgriechischen Stil, im altrömischen Stil. Es ist faszinierend zu sehen, wie der Musiker und Komponist Michael Levy im internationalen Musikgeschäft eine kleine, aber feine Nische gefunden hat, in der er seinen Zuhörern mit größter Hingabe und Liebe zum Detail einen äußerst exquisiten Ohrenschmaus bietet. Die musikalischen Darbietungen von Michael Levy dürften jedenfalls nicht nur Altphilologen und Archäologen, sondern auch alle anderen erfreuen, die Gitarren- und Harfensoli lieben, die Sinn für das nicht Alltägliche haben oder die einfach nur Ruhe und Entspannung suchen. 


Bei der Gelegenheit möchte ich abschließend noch erwähnen, dass Michael Levy z.B. auch bei speziellen Veranstaltungen in den römischen Thermen von Bath (Großbritannien) und bei themenspezifischen Ausstellungen im British Museum auftritt, wo seine Lyra-Konzerte immer eine Performance der besonderen Art darstellen. Wer nicht extra nach Großbritannien reisen kann, um live dabei zu sein - und das sind wohl die meisten von uns - dem seien als Ersatz die CDs von Michael Levy wärmstens empfohlen, so etwa die CD "Ode to Ancient Rome", die mir als Lateinerin besonders gut gefällt.


English Translation :

Glamorous solo harp-like sounds of ancient lyre 

 Apollo , god of music , poetry and song , was often depicted with a lyre or a lyre , as can be seen on ancient frescoes. In the ancient world were the lyre and the kithara two very important instruments that are now unfortunately largely forgotten . But luckily there are a enthusiast , brought back the warm sound of the lyre, similar to those of harps back to life : MICHAEL LEVY .The other day I was looking for music in the style of antiquity and met with my research include Michael Levy on website and in due course here on . Unfortunately, the music of ancient times gone by relatively few surviving fragments of lost, but because Michael Levy has depth with issues of musical archeology, he is able to compose their own songs and recite as they have been in ancient times quite could . In Michael Levy we have a virtuoso modern , ancient " lyristes " ( see, eg, Pliny 's letters : C. Plinii Caecilii Secundi Epistulae 1, 15, 2 , 9 , 17, 3 , 9 , 36 , 4) , the music antiquity not only reconstructed in the form of his own compositions , but also skillfully modeled on its antiquity , custom built instruments recites . Michael Levy's extensive repertoire spans the entire antiquity we find music in the style of ancient Egyptian , ancient Greek style , the Roman style . It is fascinating to see how the musician and composer Michael Levy found in the international music business , a small but fine niche in which he offers his listeners to detail with the utmost devotion and love a very exquisite feast for the ears . The musical performances from Michael Levy should in any case not only classicists and archaeologists , but also all other delight , love the guitar and harp solos that do not have a sense of the everyday , or simply just looking for peace and relaxation.On that occasion, I would like to conclude by mentioning that Michael Levy as even for special events in the Roman baths of Bath (United Kingdom ) and thematic exhibitions at the British Museum occurs, where his lyre concerts always be a very special performance . Who can not travel separately to Britain to be there live - and they are probably most of us - which are highly recommended as a replacement CDs by Michael Levy , such as the CD " Ode to Ancient Rome ," which to me as a Latin scholar particularly like . 


Haven't you ever dreamed of going back in time to visit the temples of Mars, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter? Witness the procession of the vestal virgins? What about eating and drinking wine in a real roman banquet?

"Listening to the Echoes of Ancient Rome"


This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Tranquil rhythms, the way every note is placed just feels so natural, they all fit perfectly, progressing in harmony and peace... Some songs inspire solemnity, some will make you feel light, or delight you with its subtle beauty. I felt in love with all these melodies. "Roman Banquet" instantly got my attention, I identified it as the kind of song I don't often hear, due to its originality, the pace is so happy yet so calmed, so light... so refreshing! It's like you could see the Romans, dancing and chatting lively!


I'd love to highlight how much of a musical contribution and an accomplishment this album is. It had to take someone as gifted as only Michael Levy is, for it requires not only great skills but also divine inspiration to let the music flow so smooth and light, making us realize the vital breathing of the vibrations of the earth. This magic music is primordial to all of us, and facilitates getting in touch with our primordial self. It refreshes and cleans mind and body, it has a very great healing power.


Getting to listen to a full album of Michael Levy just makes you want more and more! There's something very special in his music, the lyre comes to life and captivates you. It feels like it was timeless, eternal and self sufficient, independent and yet a gift for everyone at the same time.


Shall Michael and his immortal music be blessed, your music is Priceless


May All Living Beings Live Happy and Free

About Michael Levy...

Michael Levy is a brilliant researcher of ancient music. Reconstitutes as faithfully instruments and songs that need to be heard by their beauty and originality. Unmissable!

Michael Levy's reconstruction of Ancient Roman Lyre Harp music sounds and feels authentic and you can hear his love and enthusiasm for the instrument and the music coming through. The sound of the Lyre Harp is more relaxing and meditative than other reconstructed instruments of Roman times, notably the reed and brass instruments and percussion. So if you're looking for something authentic, relaxing, and meditative, you'd do well to give this a visit.

A Truly Beautiful Work of Art...

Though this is a collection of original compositions by Michael Levy, he has crafted a careful and beautiful expression of an ancient musical modality. He clearly researches all available materials before writing his music so as to best capture what the music from Ancient Rome may have sounded like. That said, he also brings an expressive contemporary sensibility to the music, particularly evident in pieces like “Libation to Laetitia” and “Dark Realms of Pluto.” Those are pieces that are not just stale ideals of Roman music, but emotional excavations into the expression ancient artisans might have sought with their instruments. A truly beautiful work, Michael Levy is an artist that should be far more known than he is.


I've been a big fan of Levy's work for a while now. His devotion to the older forms (and to the gods) is an inspiration. His work is haunting and human on a level that most artists today can only dream of achieving. When I got word that his latest was being released, I wasted no time in buying a copy. Outstanding stuff.

Authentic Melodies and Performance...

I have listened to Michael Levy on and off for a while now through other tubes etc, and recently purchased a few of his Rome/Greek albums -- very much worth the purchase, and to say the least it is not that they are expensive! It is not easy to find enjoyably authentic music as this, while he still has a touch of originality you can hear through his original compositions.


To anyone interested in Ancient Greek or Roman studies I highly recommend purchasing his albums. I can not emphasise any of these points enough, if you have not obtained his works yet yourself

Time Travelling in the 21st Century...

Step into the Tardis, or Mr. Peabody's wayback machine and travel to ancient Rome. Visit the balmy courts where slaves attend Kings and Queens with fans, food and finery, while the court musician plays in a quiet corner for their quiet contemplation. These ancient-inspired tunes will take you there, with just a pinch of your imagination to fuel your time machine, Michael Levy will be your tour guide to help you relive the past in glorious splendor. 

Echoes of the Life of Rome...

Michael Levy's fantastic album "Echoes of Ancient Rome" does a great honour to Classical Studies and Early Music. With its use of the ancient modes in a similar manner to how they would have been used in the days of the Romans, that is to say as the basis for new compositions, Levy is able to reawaken the long dormant past of Roman culture and music. One would expect to find Ovid, Cicero, Vergil, or Martial standing before you reciting their latest works at dinner whilst hearing this fantastic music.


The compositions and style are quite pleasing. If you enjoy ancient music and have not heard this, yet you don't know what you are missing!

An important musical project

Michael Levy is making a name for himself as an important archaeologist. It will not surprise many knowledgeable people if in 100 years' time, historians regard Mr Levy as the Heinrich Schliemann of the ancient Greek lyre.
This album represents an important contribution to musical history. The music is based on Mr Levy's own historical research and on his own considerable skills as a musician specialising in ancient stringed instruments.
This music is powerfully evocative. Whether as music for serious study or as an accompaniment to a banquet, theatrical presentation or literary recitation, this music is warmly recommended to all admirers of Classical civilisation and culture.
I was particularly entranced by the First Hymn to Apollo (note also that Mr Levy has recorded another version of this piece on a later album "A Well Tuned Lyre - The Just Intonation of Antiquity", which represents an even more impressive attempt to achieve authenticity)

History brought to life...

Michael Levy, a talented musician, has done an excellent job of reviving the music of the ancient world. I can only imagine the ancient Greek symposium where philosophical debates (and drinking) took place whilst being entertained by beautiful music such as this. Or when epics such as Homer's Iliad & Odyssey were sung to the lyre. I am extremely grateful for stumbling onto his work.

Amazing Album

I came across this abum recently and had to buy it. The interpretation of he songs transports the listener back to a lost time.Deftly arranged and sensitively played. You can just hear the months and years of research that went into this music.My favorites are "Hymn To The Muse" and "Mount Olympus", but I really enjoyed them all. I definately highly recommend this beautifully recorded music


Nota a nota, Michael Levy, te transporta con delicada pasión a un universo mágico, poético, entrañable.


Legitimate - Believable - Enchanting - Scholarly

These are all descriptions worthy of Michael Levy's works, and The Ancient Greek Lyre is at the head of them. His combination of BOTH ancient fragments and attested melodies, followed by a group of his personal compositions, was a great idea on his part and makes this an all around enjoyable album for both those reasons brought together. You are getting much more than your money's worth from Levy's Greek and Rome albums

Authentic Ancient Music Transports You Back Through Time...

I always imagine myself sitting in a courtyard in Mesopotamia or Greece when I listen to this music. These musical pieces have been reconstructed, incredibly enough, from cuneiform tablets and other archaeological treasures and have been performed on musical instruments resurrected from the past. Michael goes into detail to explain the meticulous reconstruction of the lyres and other string instruments just as they were made thousands of years ago. These CDs are the product of a labor of love and devotion from the combined efforts of top notch archaeologists and musicians. How privileged we are, to hear for the first time in thousands of years, the very music once heard in the leisure moments in the courts of ancient times.

A True Find...

I first found Michael Levy's music by watching one of his YouTube videos that had him playing ancient Greek melodies. His website showed he had recorded much of his music and released it. This collection includes ancient melodies and melody fragments as well as some compositions written within Ancient Greek Modes. "Epitaph of Seikilos" is a well-known (for ancient music, anyway) piece that is beautifully rendered here. Levy's playing is able to capture the emotion and longing underneath and through the music, not simply "hitting all the notes". Despite being carefully and thoroughly researched, there is nothing clinical or overly analytical about Levy's music; all pieces are played with passion and delicacy. A true find!

Extremely Talented Artist!

I was fortunate enough to come across Mr. Levy's music as I was conducting research o the music of Ancient Greece. I work for the Teaaching Company, a well-known U.S. production house that specializes in educational video and audio courses. Mr. Levy's rendition of "The First Delphic Hymn to Apollo" expodentially enhanced the academic content and production value of our course "The Great Tours:Greece and Turkey", giving our audience a realistic sense of the music and culture of the ancient world.

Mr Levy's music deserves to be heard and appreciated by all who have a sincere interest in understanding the evolution of music and the sounds of ancient times. Or anyone who simply appreciates good music!

Ancient and modern music for an old instrument...

Michael Levy has given us a musical treat. Of the 12 items on the album, 6 are reconstructions of what ancient Greek music played on the lyre might be like, and the other 6 are his original compositions for the instrument. General listeners might find the latter more accessible, as they are influenced by modern musical tastes, but if you have an interest in historical pieces the other six are well worth listening to. Mr. Levy, though not a formally trained musician, is passionate about the instrument and the music that went with it. His website,, has ample evidence of his scholarship. If you listen to the samples, you'll find that his mastery of the instrument is clear and his musical sensitivity and talent are also evident. In terms of his technique as well as sense of melody and rhythm, the pieces are intriguing. I hope you find them as enjoyable as I have.

A Beautiful Minimalist Masterpiece...

This album will consume you and take you far away. You must at least listen to the samples available, it won't take you long to feel the effects of this music. If you're new to the music of Michael Levy, this is a great place to start, as it contains a taste from his various albums. Highly recommended. 

Outstanding and inspiring!

This music truly is fabulous! I think Michael Levy is a genius. I find this music to be quite inspiring as a composition music student at university. I will certainly be purchasing more of his work! I highly recommend this artist!

Awe of Aten...

I can not stress how extremely beautiful and perplexing this piece of music is, it sends me straight to another world.


This was my favorite performance from Michael Levy thus far. Not only is the performance immaculate, but the recording quality is pristine. I love the space that you feel while listenting to this album. I like the way he experimented with creating a fret by using the pick, just like you create a fret on the birimbau with a stone you create an infinite number of tones on a fixed tone instrument. My only complaint is it is a short album, and I wanted  more.

Here is a treasure to find. Michael Levy recreates this music in five superb tracks. My favourite is the beautiful Extemporisation on an Ancient Harp of Kemet, which transports listeners to times long ago


This is not an easy find! Michael Levy has given us medievalists and classicists what we're always looking for - people reviving tradition. This is but another of Michael Levy's works on the Greek/Roman vein; and it is just as worth the listen and reverence as the others! It is all authentic, enjoyable, melodic, mystical, inspiring - everything we'd expect from Ancient Greek music. Michael Levy's Muse is alive, and she hearks 

Instructive and at the same time relaxing...

This is how I can best describe Levy's take on introducing the listener to some of the Ancient Greek Modes. Dorian, Hypolydian, Lydian, Hypophrygian, and Phrygian they are called, and I remember my music classes in college and I wished the instructor had had a practical musical talent comparable to that of Levy. Just like in his other works he invites us to a colourful musical landscape, made accessible by his puristic style: just the strings of his lyra instrument and a gentle reverb effect. Great work. 

Excellent album! As close as you can get to the music of ancient Greece. Very beautiful & peaceful music.

Enjoy a taste of Ancient Greece...

This was one of the first albums I purchased from Michael Levy. This is beautiful and simple music. It makes m feel good immediately, and I hope you feel the same. Recommended...YES!

Another Wonderful Album of Lyre Music...

Composed in various ancient Greek music modes, Mr. Levy performs another fantastic set of his own original lyre music, inspired by the music of antiquity. This is very relaxing music and beautiful to listen to. It's also nice to know that such an ancient art-form is still being practiced and is appreciated by people today. This type of music really needs much more public support.


My only complaint is that the album is a bit short, running at just under 19 minutes. Understand, though, that producing an album takes a lot of time and money, especially when it's an album that will knowingly not receive a huge amount of support. It's a labour of love. 

I completely recommend this album and one can hope that Apollo concurs :)

A Wonder From An Ancient World...

I was working on an animation project and I was going to find a piano song to match the animation. But luck was failing me so I searched on Youtube for "greek music." Michael Levy was the first to pop up and I fell in love right from the beginning.

His music takes you back to Greek times where this music would have been. I particularly enjoyed Hymn To Zeus the most: it has a recognizable tune from the others but it's organic enough to the point that it feels authentic and not digital. The simplicity of the music and the lyre are wonderful, because sometimes complex things lose their authenticity.


If you ever wondered what the music of the ancient Classical world sounded like, look no further. Michael Levy does a fantastic job at recreating this otherwise often lost and forgotten era in Western music. I would especially recommend his work to educators and anyone trying to set a scene at some point in the classical past.

Transport your imagination...  

Let Michael Levy be your tour guide. Transport your imagination into the ancient past. Visit the temples of ancient Greece. The sea breeze tugs gently at your toga as the wind whistles through empty temple ruins. The sound of a replica lyre brings to life the history of a thousand years and you find yourself revisiting a past life. You are mute witness on the courts of the ancient past to what passed for everyday entertainment and inspirational sounds. Cherish this peek into a life with the ancients.

A first-rate reconstruction of ancient Greek Music...

Mr. Levy, an amateur and self-taught lyrist, set about with the task of re-constructing and essentially re-creating the lyre music of ancient Greece, in a style that may be similar to what the ancients were to enjoy. The compositions on the album were composed in the Hypophrygian mode. In my opinion, he seems to have captured some of the essence of this almost forgotten art-form. The high-light of the album is the opening song, which is also the album's name-sake. It has a wonderfully soothing flow to it, which you can here in the mp3 sample provided by Amazon. This album also re-creates some of the ancient Hebrew kinnor compositions from the biblical era. My own personal interests are in the Greek kithara, but I can appreciate and enjoy his performance with the Hebrew lyre, as well as comment that it was artfully done.


This is an album for listeners that have more eclectic tastes, but it is definitely a wonderful addition to add to any music collection. Mr. Levy has done a wonderful service by helping to resurrect this ancient art-form, which has a-lot of history attached to it.

The ancient past through the looking glass...

This album is probably the best means to artfully and authentically connect with those ancient civilizations like the artist seeks to connect us with. Michael Levy performs the Lyre, the musical instrument of Ancient Mesopotamia, in an honest and authentic way. Just a little reverb is added to the recording, other than that you can only hear an occasional breathing of the artist. It feels like sitting in one of their ancient temples; my mind begins wandering around and I begin to fantasize I am listening to sounds more than 4000 years old. Amazing!

Very Nice...

Very beautiful music created on the Lyre! It is very calming and well played. I love the beautiful melodies and the way he composes all of the songs.

Sound Healing For Reiki and Massage...

This is different music of a higher frequency and I will make use of it as a sound healer and reiki/massage practitioner. Allows people to meditate and not fall asleep. Nice work Michael, you are also a sound healer!


I used to go to Levy's webpage to play excerpts for free while teaching world history with 6th graders. Now, I'm playing the full songs with my 8th graders. They are much calmer with this music playing in the background.

The finest compilation of Ancient Music...

One of my favorite pieces is Song Of Seikilos. Also known as the "Seikilos Epitaph", this is the oldest song in the world! The complete score - words in Greek and music in ancient Greek musical notation, was found engraved on a tombstone in Turkey. It has been dated from between 200 BCE and 100 CE.

Michael Levy has managed, with his remarkable talent to revive this beautiful piece of music, and preserve it for future generations to enjoy. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Historic Music...

This Historic music was a beautiful addition to our history studies of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and India. It is very relaxing. We use it as back ground music wile painting. 

Great Musical Historian...

These melodies are like a time capsule. Thx. Michael levy, for continuing to carry on ancient lyre music. Nice improvs too!

Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful!

Not only is this historically significant,the music is really soulful & moving. I consider this one of my best musical discoveries in 2010. Highly recommended!


This album is a very interesting find, for it presents ancient and traditional melodies played with a lyre, so these notes will likely be not only quite new, but also a fascinating surprise. Some pieces sound very meditative, while others are more popular, but in every piece the exotic sound of the lyre will give you a new soundtrack to which to summon pictures of a world that was always just visualized, and never heard. It will surely have you listen to it many times.

Pure Music...
This is music in it`s purest form. The notes coming from the Lyre weave a complex net of relations, which you can perceive as sort of abstract geometric art in your mind. As there are no other instruments involved, each single tone is more significant by itself. Thus this flow of non disrupted tones can free your mind from useless things and make you see clearer. Wassily Kandinksy maybe would rejoice in listening to this music, as it is an example for what he wrote about "the spiritual in art". Also other names like Pythagoras and Kepler come to mind listening to the music. But besides all this, you can just listen to it and relax, letting your mind roam through a forest, a desert, space and time.

It is a touching ceremonial piece. My daughter, who is studying Ancient Mesopotamia, adores it...

Like a Time Machine...

Michael Levy is a contemporary man with a psalmist's touch, and best of all, he's conversant with a historical instrument. There's no longer a need to imagine the soothing music young David might played in the courts of King Saul. It's here. Michael Levy's hard-won ability to channel musical history is uncanny and goes beyond the obvious scales and period melodies. His work is the kind of magic that happens when the right kind of musician immerses him of herself into a cultural or spiritual music.

This music has the power to heal the inner man and put your soul at rest. Music is the language of the soul and I can see that these peaceful harp melodies are inspired by the Holy Angels of God...I feel that King David himself is playing to me, just as he did when he played them to Saul.

"...when David would take the harp and play it with his hand, and Saul would be refreshed and be well and the evil would depart from him (I Samuel 16:23 NAU)

Amazing mysteries in this beautiful music. I recommend this album for anyone who desires more of god in their lives.

King David's Lyre...

I would recommend this CD to anyone that likes ancient music. It reflects the mode of Ancient Israel.

Orit Murad Rehany Author of
A River of Tears the River of Hope


Excellent! I'm not a musician or expert, but this album brings the music of the Bible to life in a way I never thought possible!


This music is so relaxing. Play this as you read your Bible or have your Devotions. It takes you back in time...LOVE IT!


Michael Levy is truly an original -- although the music he plays is largley forgotten. He takes the oldest music in the world and plays them on the lyre -- the way it is meant to be played -- resuscitating the music back to life. There is something ancient, primal, & primordial to the music he creates.

Michael is real passionate musician, and his music is one of my greatest personal discoveries I found last year

Beautiful Stuff!!

Turn Thou us to You, O YHWH, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old.

Lam 5:21 Isa.11:9-13 Jer.23:8

Micheal Levy is a genius and his music , be careful, is a magic spell...

This music is awesome - better than anything I've ever heard for chilling out, meditation and reflection - it's mystical tone and cadence, the rise and fall of rhythms, transports you back in time. . .if you're looking for music with an ancient quality full of rich perfume and candlelight, you'll love this CD.

We are fortunate that there is someone like Michael Levy to spend so much time and energy to bring to life this wonderful music, and who has the talent and intellect to do so. Thank you Mr. Levy.

These songs uplift and satisfy the listener with a simple and organic presentation from a skilled & intuitive musician - the music touching the ear lightly but impacting the soul in a deeply moving way. Meditation and contemplation while listening to this CD has outstanding results; the melodies directly connect a person with the ancient, burning light that illuminated the souls of our Fathers. Brilliant. I can't wait for the next CD!

This is a mystical, ancient sounding constellation of lyre music that is both deeply spiritual and organic. Michael Levy has mastered his craft & lovingly shared his gift on this first CD - I can't wait to experience the next one! Brilliant. Deeply touching. Organic. Spiritual.

Before seeing Michael Levy's first kinnor video on YouTube, I had never heard of the kinnor. My first impression was that, while intriguing, with only 10 strings it would be a pretty limited instrument. With each successive video, Mr. Levy proved me wrong. With this CD, he has taken this little lyre from the realm of simple melodies and accompaniment to an impressive solo instrument, capable of a rich variety of musical sounds and textures. The album consists of 22 tracks that feature melodies from ancient Israel, songs from the Klezmer tradition, and original music that takes you back to the time of Moses and Jewish captivity in Egypt. The selections range from melancholy and meditative, to joyful and celebratory. Michael has done a great deal of study and research not only into the technique of playing the kinnor, but also into the origins of the instrument, the musical scales and traditions of the music and the history behind it. All of this shines through brilliantly in his playing and his liner notes. I don't know of anyone else that has gone as far as Michael Levy in the resurrection of this humble, and at the same time wonderful, instrument. If you have an interest in ancient music, Jewish music, biblical instruments, or just enjoy meditative, interesting and thoughtful music, “King David's Lyre: Echos of Ancient Israel” is a worthy addition to your collection

Listening to the beautiful sounds of the Lyre I was inspired to make a new drawing. My wife was sitting with me, and we both enjoyed the meditative, calming tunes. The Lyre has a very unique, really deep beautiful sound. I am happy to have music from such an old tradition now and can listen to it.



Beautiful Music...

I have just downloaded and listened to Michael Levy's lovely interpretations of Ancient Jewish themes. I say "interpretations" because Michael has studied ancient melodic forms, and adapted a number of Klezmer melodies, to arrive at his own variations here. His playing on the Marini Davidic harp is deft -- he employs plucking and chording using both hands (!), arpeggios, and an interesting tremulo that I've never heard before. If you have any interest in ancient Near Eastern/Grecian music, give yourself a treat and visit his site at [...] There's a ton of historical description, pictures, and links.

I bought this album and I am very pleased with it. Thank you Michael Levy for sharing your talents with us. I am very blessed by this music and I feel it creates an atmosphere where I can draw near to God in holiness. The music is very special to me and I know that God has written the very chords of these melodies for the angels of God and man to enjoy. I recommend this album for anyone who wishes to create a peaceful and holy environment in the home but also to those who appreciate world music from the ancient Middle East

Creative, evocative, and haunting...

This reissue of one of Michael Levy's older albums features not only a new cover (weird and unplayable-looking though the lyres in the painting are), but new mastering which puts the tracks sonically in authentic Middle Eastern caves and cathedrals. The reverb is so well done that one needs a sensitive ear to know the tracks weren't originally played in such places. The tracks themselves were performed on a nylon-strung Mid-East Mfg. Co. *kinnor (Semitic lyre), which is a poor acoustic instrument and difficult to play. Michael's mastery of the instrument even at this early stage of his career is phenomenal and the equal temperament he was still using then gives this reissued recording an almost organ-like sound. The tunes themselves are taken mostly from the klezmer music reperatory and all but one or two appear to be in the "prayer mode" made famous in modern times by Abraham Idelsohn's folk dance tune "Hava Nagila". The use of the mode and the shape of the melodic line puts a stamp on the music and the performance which evoked in my mind the image of an old man walking down an endless road with a heavy load on his back.

Great "Oy Tate!"

Fabien Naudier, a French director, has used this title in his last movie called "Entre eux deuz".The finesse of the Michael Levy's interpretation has easily convinced him to choose it.We hope that our choice is the sign of a largest interest for this fabulous musician and his genuine approach.
Thanks for all. Merci!

Emotional Violin Playing... 
Michael Levy’s music is rich and detailed and his fiddle playing is exquisite. This collection of Jewish Klezmer melodies unveiled a musical cultural I was not very familiar with. The rare surviving Hungarian Klezmer melody “Dance from Máramaros” has a liveliness to it that counterbalances the weighty solemnity of the wonderful pieces like “Yiddish Hora” or “Unzer Toyrele.” Full of detail, texture and emotion, this release is highly recommended.


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