Irish Poetry - Recited To My Lyre Music

I am pleased to announce a new project, in collaboration with the Irish poet, Peter O'Neill. Created by Ciaran Leahy, this  new animation features my composition, "Orpheus's Lyre: Lament For Solo Lyre in the Just Intonation of Antiquity":


The animation, a joint collaboration project between Ciaran Leahy and the Dublin poet Peter O'Neill, is based on his poem 'The Execution of Orpheus at Ephesus'. This animation was developed to to feature on an Irish Arts & Media online magazine called "The Scum Gentry"

Here is a description of the poem on the Scum Gentry Facebook Page:

" 'Out on the Road to Ephesus' Peter O'Neill hops a one-footed metaphysical journey across all time and knowledge, bounding his way towards art and exile alike. Read his poem "THE ROAD TO EPHESUS" now, positively effulging from the depths of The Scum Gentry Poetry Hole" 

Here is the text of O'Neill's poem, "The Execution of Orpheus at Ephesus":

When the maenads came in their hordes,
Looking for Orpheus on the streets of Ephesus.
They searched high and low, and when passing
Statue of the virgin, which they tore down,
They quickly replaced them with figures of Dionysus.
Though cockless, as this time they wanted
To have his effeminacy assured.
They found Orpheus dining in The Shelbourne Hotel,
Where a phalanx of Amazon
Quickly frog-marched him across Saint
Stephen's Green, and before the bust of
James Joyce they presented him to the Muse.
There, she decapitated him.
See his head rolling on down to Chatham!


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