Blessed by the Pantheon of Ancient Greek gods!

I am finally feeling blessed by the Pantheon of ancient Greek gods!

I am delighted to announce that a selection from my ancient Greek-themed lyre albums will be featured in the exhibition "Treasures of Ancient Greece" - to be held between June 15, 2019 to Jan. 5, 2020 at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis!

Not only that - more of my ancient Greek-themed lyre tracks are to be featured in a new immersive online world history course, "Imagine World History" - to be produced by Pearson Education, for use by schools across the entire United States until 2029!

It is definitely for little pockets of sheer awesomeness like this 'out of of the blue' email I received, which makes the usually thankless task of independently creating & releasing music so worthwhile - frankly unbelievable to imagine, that tunes I originally recorded in my spare room, will be heard by almost every high school student in almost every school in the entire USA...for an entire decade!!!


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