Live Lyre Gigs at the Roman Baths & British Museum

I am pleased to announce some live lyre gigs coming up very soon, at both the world famous Roman Baths at Bath Spa, UK on Saturday 18th May & at the British Museum on 17th June 2013 - for full details on these events, please see my website calendar: 

 Besides these live lyre concerts, I was also delighted to be contacted by Dr Andrew Shapland , curator of the Greek Bronze Age collection at the British Museum, who also has selected tracks from my albums, "Ode To Ancient Rome" & "Echoes of Ancient Rome", in support of a new display on Roman Dining, in Room 3 of the British Museum. As Dr Shapland explained to me: 


"The display is part of our 'Objects in Focus' series which will feature the Mildenhall Great Dish displayed in thecontext of a late Roman dining room, including an evocation of a stibadium, the semi-circular couch which would have been in use at the time the dish was produced. Your music, along with a cinnamon smell, will contribute to the atmosphere. Room 3is a small room next to the front entrance where we hold a series of temporary displays. This one is called "Silver Service: Fine Dining in Roman Britain" and will run from 23 May-4 August, coinciding with the Pompeii exhibition". 

 Not only this - since my Roman-themed albums are to feature so prominently in these events, I have also been contacted by the British Museum Shop, who have just ordered 60 copies of my physical CDs of "Ode To Ancient Rome" & "Echoes of Ancient Rome"! The order has just been dispatched from Audiolife, the USA manufacturer of my physical CDs on demand from Reverbnation) and will be available to purchase in the British Museum Shop within the next week or has been a busy few weeks!

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