My Composition "Nero's Lyre" Featuring in a London Ballet Production!

Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Stravinsky? They can now retire - I bring forth into ballet, my awesome lyre! 

I am delighted to announce that my composition for solo lyre, "Nero's Lyre" is to be featured in a new ballet production "No Lander" by Riccardo Buscarini - to be performed live at the London Place Theatre on 28th October:

"Five sailors lost at sea are exposed to an unrelenting space, nothing to hang onto, no roots, no light and no land. Falling in and out of intricate duets as they grapple to hold on to something, their flesh emerges from the darkness in waving and sculptural torsions. Stark industrial lighting and live-captured sound collide and transform the stage into a deserted wreck. No Lander is a dance about longing and belonging"

No Lander: Lewis Wilkins from Martin Collins on Vimeo.

More details at:

The splendid choreography certainly adds an entirely new dimension to my composition:

No Lander_work in progress 2013 from Riccardo Buscarini on Vimeo.



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