My Interview on BBC Radio 3!

BBC Radio 3? Where they play Mozart, Beethoven...and me!

I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 31st March, 2019 at 6:45pm GMT, I will be participating in the BBC Radio 3 'Sunday Feature' series. The programme, hosted by the author Jerry Brotton, will be on the ancient philosophical concept of 'The Harmony of the Spheres'

Although I'm regrettably not mentioned by name on the BBC website for the programme, the producer has assured me I will definitely get a slot with snippets from my pre-recorded interview about my views on how my 'new ancestral' musical compositions for solo lyre, attempt to bring to life, the dream of this ancient conceptual scheme.

My interview should also hopefully be illustrated with excerpts of my lyre compositions - recorded live, during the course of the interview!

For anyone not in the UK and therefore not able to catch either the live radio broadcast or online, streamed on BBC iPlayer, fear not - I will be recording the show and posting the excerpts of my interview on my ongoing free Bandcamp compilation album of radio airplay.

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