My Lyre Music To Feature in the Mexico National University Theatre Festival!

Tracks from my album "The Ancient Greek Lyre" are to feature in the Mexico National University Theater Festival (XXI Festival Nacional (e Internacional) de Teatro Universitario)


The play, directed by Ricardo Ruiz Lezama, is about the ancient Greek myth of "Pygmalion". It is about a sculptor who falls in love with his creation. He prays to Aphrodite to meet someone like the sculpture, but Aphrodite knows the true and hidden desire of Pygmalion: he wants Galatea, his sculpture, to come to life. Aphrodite, touched by Pygmalion´s love, grants him his wish. The play is a monologue written by Jean-Jacques Rosseau.

The tracks to be featured, are my arrangements for solo lyre of 2 actual surviving fragments of ancient Greek musc "Lament of Simonides", "Epitaph of Seikilos" and 2 of my original compositions for solo lyre also featured on the album, "Hymn to Hermes" and "Ode to Aphrodite"...

The play is to be held at the University Theatre Center of the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) on at 18.00 on 21st October, 2013.


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