Seriously Serene Lyre Music - For Your Cell Phone!

One of the precious few advantages I have of living in the 21st century CE (instead of BCE...where I more truly belong!), is the ever increasing, new fangled & wonderful ways there seem to be, of "getting my lyre music out there" - it is now even possible to download hundreds of tracks from my albums, directly to your mobile phone!

If you too wish to have a seriously serene, utterly unique ancient lyre music RINGTONE for your mobile phone, it is possible to download one from both Nokia Music & my Reverbnation Store - below are the download links:

Download My Lyre Music Ringtones From Nokia Music!

Download My Lyre Music Ringtones From Reverbnation!

Who knows, some day, somehow, I will get every once annoying mobile phone in the world, ringing to the glorious lyre music of the ancient world...


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