True Fame is when one's Music gets mentioned in a Psychedelic-Themed, Norwegian Language Novel!


Yes, my music has actually been mentioned and forever preserved for posterity, in the pages of a psychedelic-themed, Norwegian language novel! The novel is entitled "Det åpenbare" (The Obvious), published in 2016, by Kenneth Moe. Here is the brief synopsis:

"A young man experiments with psychedelic drugs to break out of their own state of mind and start life. The novel comes from the inside of the mood experience, as a journalized self-violation. "It's almost so I'm now stabbing the dusty word of God, which only shows that even when you make sense to the utmost, in a desperate attempt to find something completely new and different, you'll find just another foolishness, one finds a cosmic foolishness, yes, the utmost foolishness ... one finds God - there is nothing. "The obvious" depicts a journey into the forest while at the same time entering into the narrator himself, where the divide between forests and even becomes even less sharp. The result is an honest and sometimes very humorous prose, where an autobiographical I am resolving for the reader's eyes."

My music is mentioned on page 7 of the novel! Here is how Google translates this fascinating passage:

"she glides through me like a ghost. At first she is the stranger on the street, so she is the girl I tried mushrooms for the first time - back and forth between them. She was so docile, moaned when I touched her. Those gaps. Now I'm resurrecting the moment, but alone on the couch (psilocybin is opening old wounds), ... It pulls together. It now determines, we both know, and I have to respect it.

Outside. time. I look through the releases of Michael Levy at Spotify. He plays lyres so they can pretend they played on it in antiquity. The choice falls on an album called 'The Lyre of Hermes', because I accidentally read about Hermes recently and how he played, stole and lied to a place among the gods..."

In addition to this momentous moment of international literary acclaim for my music, my 'hyper-retro new ancestral musical revolution' also this month, got a prominent mention in an article on early music published by Bandcamp, (the renowned digital music store for the independent artist), entitled "The Search for the Oldest Music on Bandcamp" - at only half way through January, it has already been quite a busy year!


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