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To Seek Meaning, Seek the Inner Shaman

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To seek any form of meaning in life, we literally need to evoke our own 'Inner Shaman' to guide use through tangled paths of unexplored reality we find ourselves in. We need to become our own shaman of the wild wood of reality; able to conjure our own personal sorcery, in order to begin to appreciate the mystery, instead of destroying our happiness by the futile attempt to understand everything!

Even although we can never know everything, this still should never be an excuse not to exercise our miraculous, inquisitive abilities - part of the wonder of being alive, is our ability, out of all the animal kingdom, to understand our place in the universe.

This piece features the dark and mysterious ancient Greek Hypodorian Mode - the equivalent intervals as:


Also sometimes referred to as the 'Natural Minor', from which our modern minor keys are ultimately derived, this mode was misnamed the 'Aeolian' mode during the early Middle Ages.