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Ataraxia (Inner Harmony)

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Once we have accepted that the only certainty is uncertainty, can we finally relax and find this perfectly contented state - it is only then, that we can finally fully appreciate the miracle of our brief existence and even though there will be so much we can never understand, we can still learn to appreciate the mystery of it all!

This piece features again, the intensely introspective qualities of the ancient Greek Dorian Mode, further enhanced by the use of geometrically pure just intonation; the equivalent intervals as E-E on the white notes of the piano.

The feeling of inner harmony is directly evoked at the beginning of the piece, by the simple quoting of the intervals of perfect fifths in pure just intonation. Of all the musical intervals, the pure 5th, when also played in geometrically symmetrical just intonation, takes on an almost three dimensional, glassy, crystal clear quality - it is this feeling a geometrical purity which I particularly wanted to express in this final piece on the album, which actually attempts to evoke the analogous 'geometry of the soul' required to achieve Ataraxia - quite literally, 'Inner Harmony'.