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The Scented Gardens of Alcinous

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This piece features a composition for solo lyre in the distinctively dreamy & sensual ancient Greek Hypolydian Mode (equivalent intervals as F-F on the white notes of the piano & misnamed the 'Lydian' mode in the early Middle Ages).

Whenever I play anything in this gorgeously sensual mode, it conjures up imagery in my mind, of sweetly scented flowers - amazingly, I recently discovered that exactly the same mode was also used in ancient Persia where is was known as "Golestan" - which amazingly, translates as "Flower Garden"!

The lyre is my beautifully mythological-looking "Lyre of Thamyris" - handmade in modern Greece by Luthieros:

The garden of Alcinous was said to be situated in an island of that name, by some considered Corfu, in the Ionian sea, and by others an Asiatic island. It is minutely described by Homer in the Odyssey: