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Etude in the Olympos Pentatonic Scale

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An improvisation for replica ancient Greek tortoise shell lyre, in a minor pentatonic scale, said to have been introduced to Greece sometime in the 7th century BC by the aulos player, Olympos:

"Olympus (or Olympos, Greek: Ὄλυμπος) is the name of two ancient Greek musicians, one mythical who lived before the Trojan war, and one apparently real, who lived in the 7th century BC. Both musicians were connected with the auletic music, which had its origin in Phrygia. It is possible that the elder and mythical Olympus was invented through some mistake respecting the younger and historical Olympus. Instrumental music was apparently introduced into Greece by Olympus" (Wikipedia).

The lyre I am playing, is the “Golden Lyre of Erato” – hand-made in modern Greece by Luthieros. This custom made lyre uses an actual perfectly preserved Greek land tortoise shell, locally sourced from the remains of land tortoises found in the forests near Europos – about the nearest one can come, to taking the 2400 year old reconstructed Elgin Lyre out of its display cabinet at the British Museum and actually playing it!