Salvation's Hymn for Amun (In the North Temple of Amun)

Another collaboration with the Egyptian film score composer, Remon Sakr. I created the lyre theme for track 7, "Salvation's Hymn for Amun (In the North Temple of Amun)", for his 2017 ancient Egyptian themed album, "The Epic of Thebes: Story of Passion & War".

This inspiration behind this album is based on the epic journey into the era of the Pharaoh Ahmose Iand his struggle against the Hyksos...


Epitaph of Seikilos

A collaboration with the Californian vocalist and lyre player, Bettina Joy De Guzman, in our arrangement of the "Epitaph of Seikilos" - the oldest complete piece of notated music to have survived from ancient Greece:





In 2015, for the first time in human history, my collaboration with Blasphemous Creation begat the world's first Death Metal/Bronze Age FUSION - when in the opening narration which formed the first track to their  "Ancient Alien Death/Thrash" themed release, "The Rise or Marduk", they featured my arrangement of the Bronze Age Hurrian Hymn Text H6, sampled from my 2009 album, "An Ancient Lyre"!

The Orpheus Project

In May 2012, I collaborated with the composers MaryAnne & Michael Tedstone, in performing lyre music, recorded at the George Martin Air Edel Studios, for an epic Roman-themed soundtrack, "SPQR" - for use in television & film, licensed by the renowned Felt Music Library:

To have recorded had the opportunity of recording my lyre in one of the actual studios once owned by the legendary late manager of "The Beatles" themselves, was certainly the ultimate 'Libation to Apollo'!