Ancient Egyptian Magic

Ancient Egyptian-Themed Album

An evocation of the practice of magic of ancient Egypt - through nothing more than the timeless spell of music!In the creation of this other worldly sounding, ancient Egyptian-themed EP, I am delighted to announce an ongoing international collaboration between myself, the Egyptian film score composer & ethnic Egyptian wind instrumentalist, Remon Sakr.

Also featuring in the first two tracks of this album, is the haunting sounds of the Cairo cellist, Jan Abadier, whose intense cello playing weaves dark threads of sound across the timbre of my lyres and exotic Egyptian rhythms.

Track 2, "Passage to the Afterlife", features my performance on a replica of an actual, surviving 3,500 year old ancient Egyptian lyre, preserved in Leiden.

In this unique international collaboration, Sakr asked me to create new melodic themes for a selection of some of my lyres, which in the creation of the album, he orchestrated and skilfully wove together my themes; to create an almost transcendental tapestry of sound...

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Ancient Egyptian-Themed Album

Duelling African Lyres! My replica ancient Egyptian lyre meets an authentic Kenyan Obokano:

In March 2019, I had the pleasure of meeting my fellow lyre plucking friend, Nick Vest - who somehow managed to lug this enormous Kenyan bass lyre all the way from LA to the UK, just to jam with me!!!

The other African lyre I am playing, separated in time from the contemporary Kenyan Obokano by about 3,500 years, is a replica of an actual, surviving ancient Egyptian lyre; miraculously preserved in Leidencustom made by Luthieros.

The resulting totally spontaneous improvisation was quite literally, the most exotic, ethnic lyre duet to have emanated from my front room...



Now available from all usual the major digital music platforms, this magical musical moment is now forever preserved, in this unique recording!

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Ancient Egyptian-Themed Album

"Outstanding and inspiring!This music truly is fabulous! I think Michael Levy is a genius. I find this music to be quite inspiring as a composition music student at university. I will certainly be purchasing more of his work! I highly recommend this artist!"

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