My Music is about to become a NATIONAL TREASURE - Literally!

ALL  my recordings are to be preserved here FOREVER!

ALL my recordings are to be preserved here FOREVER!

I have just been contacted by a music curator from the BRITISH LIBRARY SOUND ARCHIVE - who wants to preserve for posterity in the NATIONAL COLLECTION, the entire repertoire of my 'New Ancestral' musical creations...for all future generations!!

As far as my musical mission goes, at reintroducing the recreated lyres & ancient musical modes back into the modern musical world, for me, this is a truly 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED MOMENT'! Orpheus may have been the most legendary mythological lyre player of antiquity, but unlike me, neither he nor all the actual lyre players of ancient times had the either the opportunity or the technology to preserve their musical art, forever, in perpetuity - NOW I DO!

Not only will each and every track from each and every album and single I have continually been releasing since 2008 be painstakingly conserved and preserved, but also, so will the original, raw 'live' YouTube audio which originally resulted from my 2008 'live from my spare room' rendition of the oldest written melody in history (Hurrian Hymn Text H6) - currently the most viewed presentation of  any extremely early music, on the planet!

This is about the nearest I have ever come to something akin to the iconic Sci Fi ideal of  achieving immortal...via mind-uploading!

Indeed, to quote Grimes, from her utterly epic 2018 single, "We Appreciate Power"...

"...And if you long to never die 
Baby, plug in, upload your mind 
Come on, you're not even alive 
If you're not backed up on a drive 

And if you long to never die 
Baby, plug in, upload your mind 
Come on, you're not even alive 
If you're not backed up, backed up on a drive"
- I AM NOW!!


The Best of Both Worlds! 

I am pleased to announce that my forthcoming new album, "New Ancestral Music - Rebirth of the Ancient Lyre" is now available to pre-order on both iTunes and Amazon digital music stores, ahead of its release date across all the usual digital music stores on 1st January 2020!

Aiming to literally redefine 'New Age' music, this release features a selection of brand new, completely spontaneously created improvisations for the recreated lyre of the ancient world - new compositions, for an ancient instrument! All…

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Rufus Wainwright's Opera "Hadrian" (Featuring my Lyre Theme) is a Dora Award Winner! 


I am delighted to announce, that Rufus Wainwright's second opera, "Hadrian", featuring Wainwright's incredible, dissonant adaptation of my ancient lyre theme, "Hymn to Zeus" in two of the scenes, is the winner of the 40th Anniversary Dora Mavor Moore Award for "Outstanding New Opera"

As well as winning in this category, "Hadrian" was also nominated in seven categories in total, for the 2019 Dora Awards.

The Dora Mavor…

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Blessed by the Pantheon of Ancient Greek gods! 

I am finally feeling blessed by the Pantheon of ancient Greek gods!

I am delighted to announce that a selection from my ancient Greek-themed lyre albums will be featured in the exhibition "Treasures of Ancient Greece" - to be held between June 15, 2019 to Jan. 5, 2020 at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis!

Not only that - more of my ancient Greek-themed lyre tracks are to be featured in a new immersive online world history course, "Imagine World History" - to be produced by Pearson Education, for use…

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My Interview on BBC Radio 3! 

BBC Radio 3? Where they play Mozart, Beethoven...and me!

I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 31st March, 2019 at 6:45pm GMT, I will be participating in the BBC Radio 3 'Sunday Feature' series. The programme, hosted by the author Jerry Brotton, will be on the ancient philosophical concept of 'The Harmony of the Spheres'

Although I'm regrettably not mentioned by name on the BBC website for the programme, the producer has assured me I will definitely get a slot with snippets from my pre-recorded…

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Ancient Lyre 'n' Hip Hop? WHO KNEW! 


Master playing a weird, ancient musical instrument - and wonderfully weird things just keep on happening... 

I was literally blown away, when a few weeks ago, I was contacted by the legendary German hip hop record producer and song writer, Tim Gomringer of CuBeatz (best known for their successful collaborations with huge mainstream rap artists such as Future, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Drake, Kanye West & Eminem)....who

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Discovered by Rufus Wainwright! 


I am delighted to finally be able to officially announce, that the Grammy Award winning composer, Rufus Wainwright, has adapted one of my ancient-themed lyre compositions, "Hymn to Zeus" , in two scenes of his ancient Roman-themed second opera, "Hadrian" - produced by the Canadian Opera Company and which premiered at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, on 13th October 2018!

My collaboration with

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The Sweet, Sweet Taste of Success! 


An excerpt of my track 'Ode to Ancient Rome' is currently going viral across the USA & Canada, in this new multi-million viewed, Mars M&M's TV ad campaign!!! I wonder what Orpheus would make of this...

Produced by BBDO, New York, the awesome amusing viral TV ad may actually generate more airplay for the distinctive timbre of the recreated ancient lyre, than the last 5 thousand or so years, when it was originally played in antiquity...my 'New…Read more

I am Presenting at Virtual Harp Summit 4! 


I am delighted to announce that I will be presenting an online seminar at the international "Virtual Harp Summit 4" on Sunday 22nd April!

My seminar will be:

A brief philosophical exploration of what should be motivation in music performance, improvisation and composition and how the correct focus on what should be of most significance during live music performance can be used to overcome musician's dreaded 'performance anxiety'...

"Virtual Harp Summit 4"…

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True Fame is when one's Music gets mentioned in a Psychedelic-Themed, Norwegian Language Novel! 


Yes, my music has actually been mentioned and forever preserved for posterity, in print...in the pages of a psychedelic-themed, Norwegian language novel! The novel is entitled "Det åpenbare" (The Obvious), published in 2016, by Kenneth Moe. Here is the brief synopsis:

"A young man experiments with psychedelic drugs to break out of their own state of mind and start life. The novel comes from the inside of the mood experience, as a journalized self-violation. "It's almost so

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Luthieros Ancient Greek Lyre Concert - "Gift of Gods III" 

I am delighted to announce my second Luthieros ancient Greek lyre promotional concert, live in the Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki, Greece!

Below are some photos taken at my first international lyre concert, at the first Luthieros "Gift of Gods" ancient Greek lyre promotional festival, October 2015:

Here is the official promotional video about the new event, "Gift of Gods III" - to shortly be broadcast on national Greek television:

Here are all the details of the day's events (as translated into…Read more