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As a highly experimental artist & composer, intent on forging an entirely new 'New Ancestral Music' genre, I am always seeking new potential target audiences for my music and I am always willing to consider the licensing of my ancient-themed music - which has been featured in museum exhibitions all over the world, audio/visual tour guides, been licensed for use in immersive online ancient history courses, and has been an integral ingredient to ancient world-themed podcasts.

My music has been sought after by independent film-makers, television & radio producers and advertising companies interested in using any of my 'micro-niche' ancient historical music.

My ancient lyre themes have featured in academic projects, presentations, CD's and video productions and even in several ancient world-themed, cult PC games

My distinctive brand of 'New Ancestral Music' is perfect as bespoke background music for ancient-themed historical TV documentaries and movies. Also, since the distinctive sound of my ancient-themed lyre compositions literally sound like no other genre of bland, modern 'mainstream' music, this will ensure that any resulting commercial advertisements for the products to be promoted by my music, will quite literally, 'stand out from the crowd' as featured in the 2018 Mars M&M's TV advert, recently broadcast across the entire continent of the USA & Canada:



For all new music licensing requests, no matter what the scale of the project may be, please contact me directly!

To aid your music licensing selection, please note that all my tracks from all of my albums and singles, complete with their corresponding detailed background album and single notes, can be previewed in full, on my Bandcamp Digital Music Store.