From the recording Ataraxia (Inner Harmony)

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The Sorcery of Sentience

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Conscious experience, by us sentient beings whose bodies were randomly forged, literally from the stuff of stars, is quite literally, sorcery! Is there any purpose behind this sorcery, or do we have to forge our own meaning to our forever private, conscious experience?

This piece uses a distinctively mysterious-sounding ancient Near Eastern mode, still surviving in Jewish klezmer music today, where it is known as the Mi Sheberach Mode ('He who blessed,') - this mode is the equivalent intervals as:

E F# G A# B C# D E

I also attempt to enhance this sense of mystery is also by the eerie use of harmonics throughout the piece, created on the lyre with my left hand, by partially muting the strings at their centre with the knuckle of my middle finger whilst simultaneously plucking the string with my thumb.