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Lamentatio (Lamentation)

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In setting the stoic theme of this album, this track is a rearrangement of "Tears of the Hyades" for my Roman-style lyre, from my 2021 album, "Echoes of Ancient Greece", originally recorded with an ancient Greek chelys lyre.

In classical mythology, the Hyades were the nymphs that brought rain. They were daughters of the Titan Atlas and either Pleione or the Oceanid Aethra, and had one brother, Hyas. They also were sisters of the Pleiades and the Hesperides.

According to the myth, their brother Hyas was killed while hunting, so they started crying from grief, which is how they brought rain on the Earth.

This mournful piece is in the ancient Greek Hypodorian mode (the equivalent intervals as A-A on the white notes of the piano) but like all the tracks in this album, features the pristine focus of just intonation. The basis of our modern minor keys, this mode is also known as the 'natural minor'.