European Festival of Latin and Greek - Ovid's Metamorphoses

Magdalen College Chapel, Magdalen College, The University of Oxford, High Street, Oxford

As part of the European Festival of Latin and Greek, the Department of Classics at the University of Oxford has organised a reading of Book X of Ovid's Metamorphoses in Magdalen College's historic chapel at 9.00 am - which, to most properly set the authentic, ancient classical world theme desired for the event, I have been invited to perform the background music on my kithara and tortoise shell lyre!Quoting from the Oxford University Facebook Events Page, this event aims to create:"A magical metamorphosis of the Magdalen Chapel into a temple of Orphic song. A group of Oxford poets and translators will be performing Book 10 of Ovid's epic poem, as part of an international festival of Latin and Greek. Come in from the frost for tales of grief, incest, joy and jealousy..."A free PDF of a poster about the event, can be downloaded here