MY LYRE THEME IN RUFUS WAINWRIGHT'S SECOND OPERA "HADRIAN"!I was delighted to have had the unique honour, of having my lyre theme, "Hymn to Zeus", arranged by the Grammy award winning composer and singer/songwriter, Rufus Wainwright, in two scenes of his second opera, "Hadrian"! My theme can be heard here for the second time, in Act III Scene VIII - when Hadrian is allowed to travel back in time, to finally learn the terrible truth about the death of his lover, Antinous - murdered by Hadrian's general and personal friend, Turbo; who then threw his body into the Nile...For the full story, please see the "News" section of my website!This excerpt of my lyre theme, as heard here in Act III, Scene VIII, was from a CBC Radio broadcast of the world premiere of the opera at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, in Toronto on 13th October 2018.