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The Battle of Thermopylae

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This compilation album also features my extended length single, “The Battle of Thermopylae: Paean For Solo Lyre” – a spontaneous improvisation for lyre in the ancient Greek Dorian Mode. According to the writings of Plato & Aristotle, the ancient Greek Dorian Mode was the manliest of all the ancient Greek Modes - when played with vigour, music played in the ancient Greek Dorian Mode could even inspire bravery in battle! In Classical antiquity, a Paean was a song of triumph. It comes from the Greek παιάν (also παιήων or παιών), meaning "song of triumph, any solemn song or chant."
Typically the paean was in the ancient Greek Dorian mode (equivalent intervals as E – E on the white notes of the piano) and was accompanied by the kithara, which was the instrument of the ancient Greek god of music, Apollo. Paeans meant to be sung on the battlefield were accompanied by aulos and kithara.