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The Wings of Isis

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The improvisation, "The Wings of Isis", attempts to evoke the ancient magic of this ancient Egyptian goddess. Isis was the firstborn daughter of Nut, goddess of the overarching sky, and Geg, the god of the Earth. In Egyptian mythology, Isis was married to Osiris, also a powerful god. The two had a son named Horus. One of Egypt’s most prominent folklore tales tells the story of how Osiris was betrayed by his enemy Seth. Seth tricked Osiris and drowned him in the Nile. Isis used her magical powers to resurrect her husband, but Seth was relentless and killed Osiris again, this time hacking his body into 14 pieces and spreading the remains across the lands.

Grief-stricken, Isis set out across the desert in hopes of finding the remains of her husband and making him whole again. Isis searched the desert for years and was finally able to piece back together the remains of her husband, Osiris, and bring him to life. Isis protected Osiris until he regained his strength.

On a magical level, Isis' wings are the means by which She fans renewed life into Osiris. They are the protection spread out over the deceased in the tomb. Their shadow is our shelter in this life and the next...