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The Cosmic Wisdom of Urania

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Urania, (Greek: “Heavenly”) in ancient Greek mythology, was one of the nine Muses, and the patron of astronomy. In some accouts she was the mother of Linus the musician (in other versions, his mother is the Muse Calliope); the father was either Hermes or Amphimarus, son of Poseidon.

Urania was also occasionally used as a byname for Aphrodite. Her attributes were the globe and compass.

In an attempt to convey the eternal timelessness of the cosmos, this piece features the dreamy yet dramatic ancient Greek Hypophrygian mode, with my lyre tuned in geometrically pure just intonation. Misnamed the 'Dorian' mode in the Middle Ages, this mode comprises of the conjunction of 2 tetrachords which form the equivalent intervals as D-D on the white notes of the piano.