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The Yearnings of Pophos

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In Greek myth, Pothos ("longing") and his brothers Eros ("love") and Himeros ("desire") were the sons of Zephyr, the westerly wind.

Himeros represented the desire towards something that was within human reach, and Pothos was the longing towards an unattainable goal. Since the object of this longing could only be reached in a better, more perfect world, it comes as no surprise that Pothos was associated with death...

To reflect the poignant, yearning nature of Pothos, this completely spontaneous improvisation features the distinctively poignant ancient Greek Phrygian Mode (misnamed the 'Dorian' mode in the Middle Ages, this mode features the conjunction of 2 tetrachords which form the equivalent intervals as D-D on the white notes of the piano; but heard here, in the much purer, focussed intervals, more authentically tuned in the just intonation of antiquity.

A tiny smattering of subliminal dreamy effects were also subtly added in the mixing process of this track.

The track features the ancient timbre of my Luthieros chelys form "Lyre of Thamyris".