From the recording Orpheus Tamed the Animals

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Invocation to Elpis (Ancient Greek Goddess of Hope)

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Elpis was the personification of hope in Greek mythology, the daughter of the primordial deity Nyx. She was the mother of Pheme, goddess of fame and rumour. She was usually represented as a young lady bearing flowers or a cornucopia.

I attempt to evoke a feeling of hope, by experimenting at 'modulating' between some ancient Greek musical modes. To represent the struggle towards the light of hope, I start in the intensely introspective ancient Greek Dorian Mode (equivalent intervals as E-E & misnamed the 'Phrygian' mode by scholars in the Middle Ages), then the dream and joy of hope is eventually evoked, through the use of the distinctively dreamy, uplifting ancient Greek Hypolydian Mode (equivalent intervals as F-F & misnamed the 'Lydian' mode during the Middle Ages), and ending in the distinctively warm and contented-sounding ancient Greek Hypophrygian Mode (equivalent intervals as G-G, misnamed the 'Mixolydian' mode in the Middle Ages).

Throughout, I also use just intonation to to further focus the distinctive qualities of these ancient musical modes - with a subtle smattering of dreamy delays & reverbs around specific phrases to further enhance the dreamy quality of the piece.