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Orpheus Tamed the Animals

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A spontaneous improvisation in just intonation, for my Marini 10-string lyre:

My 10-string Marini lyre bears a fascinating similarity to a depiction of a lyre being played by Orpheus as he tamed wild beasts with his music, as seen in a 4th century Roman mosaic in Antioch, Turkey:

The use of just intonation (pure musical intervals derived from geometrically pure whole number ratios) really does seem to intensify the calming effect of the music - the three-dimensional quality of perfect 5ths in just intonation perfectly frames the melodic line in a minimalistic purity I have not found in any other instrument!

The piece features the intensely introspective, meditative ancient Greek Dorian Mode - the equivalent intervals as E-E on the white notes of the piano, this was misnamed the Phrygian mode by scholars in the Middle Ages.