From the recording Ataraxia (Inner Harmony)

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Apatheia (Freedom from Passion)

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In ancient Greek stoicism, "Apatheia” refers to a state of mind in which one is not disturbed by the negative passions. Apatheia in turn yields Ataraxia - a sense of tranquillity that comes from having developed an attitude of equanimity toward whatever the world bestows on us during our finite lives.

One of the greatest sources of our negative passions are regrets. We must overcome the regrets and mistakes we might have made along the journey of life - the more regrets we carry forward, the less happiness we can experience. Regrets will deprive us of meaning from our lives!
The track features once more, the distinctively poignant quality of the ancient Greek Phrygian mode, in geometrically pure just intonation to musically evoke a feeling of regret.