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Desideria (Desires)

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The main goal of stoic philosophy, in the quest to achieve the inner peace which can only be found once we learn to embrace the ideal of "Amor Fati; or the love of one's fate, no matter what fate might have in store for each of our lives, is "Apatheia" - freedom from all negative passions.

Therefore, in setting the stoic theme of this album, in this first track, with particular emphasis on dissonance in the melodic lines, I attempt to convey the negative passions, in particular, the often all-consuming desires of longing, missing, regret, unrequited love and unfulfilled wishing – all the negative and so often all-consuming passions in life which the practice of stoicism can aid us in overcoming.

This piece features the dark-sounding ancient Greek Hypodorian Mode - -the equivalent intervals as A-A on the white notes of the piano (but heard here in the pristine focus of just intonation), this mode is sometimes referred to as the 'natural minor' and is indeed, the basis of our modern minor keys.