Prepare to embark on a "Musical Adventure in Time Travel"! On this calming, healing, meditative musical journey, I will take you back to ancient Rome, ancient Greece, ancient Israel, ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia & to hear once more, the haunting refrains of the lyre of the ancient world...

We live in a bland and relentlessly manufactured 'musical' world. To me, it feels soulless. It’s as if the stonking beat of rock’ n roll was replaced by a drum machine and suddenly a thrumming heartbeat was silenced in the world. Somehow this replacement pacemaker doesn’t quite measure up!

So, I have a musical mission. An obsession, some might say to open a portal to a time that has been all but forgotten - I dream to rekindle the very spirit of our ancient ancestors. To capture, for just a few moments, a time when people imagined the fabric of the universe was woven from harmonies and notes. To luxuriate in a gentler time when the fragility of life was truly appreciated and its every action was performed in the almighty sense of awe felt for the ancient gods.

With its capacity to transport our thoughts and imaginations, truly there must only be one true magic left in this realm. Music, I say! For, in nothing more than an instant the notes from an ancient melody can carry us right back into the heart of ancient society. Hark...can you hear the lyres and lutes strumming victories and love songs of ordinary people living under these same skies, so many thousands of years before?

Click here to experience life, at a different rhythm. Close your eyes and through the strange and enigmatic notes, plucked on strings lost through time, let the ancestors sing you their songs.

This website is dedicated to my relentless quest and life's passion. Over the years I have dedicated my life to recreating the playing techniques and performance of the lyres of antiquity.

My albums are a blend of some original ancient melodies and some of my own creations. My arrangements for solo lyre are based on reconstructions of some of the incredibly rare, actual surviving written music of antiquity. Examples have remarkably survived from both ancient Greece & ancient Mesopotamia. The flavour of these has motivated me to attempt the infinitely more artistically inspirational task of authentically recreating the sound of the mostly lost music of the ancient world! Thank the Gods for the Muse who has stood beside and inspired me...

Every one of my musical evocations is based in the solid foundations of antiquity. From years of detailed archaeological research I have been able to assimilate data into every one of my original compositions. I have uncovered and learned how wonderfully pure musical intervals sound in the just intonation of antiquity. I have collated text from rare, ancient literary sources which vividly describe lyre performance. I have inferred original, ancient lyre ancient playing techniques through studying hundreds of illustrations of lyre players, both from antiquity, but also from lyre playing techniques still practised throughout Africa today - a fascinating living musical legacy, having originally arrived there via trade routes with ancient Egypt and the ancient Near East.

We’ll explore a unique and magical soundscape whose brand new musical genre could best be described as a "New Ancestral Music":

These enigmatic melodies are perfect soundtracks for relaxation, meditation or prayer; for yoga, reiki, aromatherapy or massage.

Click here for the perfect musical antidote to living in our stressful, spiritually deprived, aesthetically dull modern world...


In the silence in between one chord and the next, Michael Levy brings to us the evocations of far worlds, lost heroes and fabulous chimeras. I could not recommend his music more. Pure poetry."

iTunes (UK) Review of "Nero's Lyre"