Collaboration with Damon McMahon of Amen Dunes!

I am really excitied to announce that Damon McMahon of Amen Dunes, is featuring my lyre music in his new album! 

Amen Dunes is the musical project formed by American singer-songwriter and musician Damon McMahon in 2006.

A new recording of my original viral YouTube arrangement for solo lyre of the Bronze Age Hurrian Hymn Text H6 (circa 1,400 BCE - the oldest notated melody in history!) will feature in a track in the new album "Death Jokes" by Amen Dunes - out on 10th May!

I was contacted by Damon McMahon's record company back in 2022 - who requested a bespoke re-recording, as near as possible to the audio from my original, 'live from my spare room' (10,000,000 plus views!) version of my 2008 YouTube arrangement of the 3,400 year old Hurrian Hymn. 

The dreamy mood Damon McMahon manages to conjure with his music serendipidously matches my own solo lyre recording projects - never having even heard of Amen Dunes here in the UK, I have since fallen in love with the wonderfully experimental, fuzzy textures he uses as a the background layers to his songs, many of which which all feature beautifully elegant melodic lines & many of which are also modal in character.

As far I so far know, the clip of my lyre music will come at the tail end or last song of this album of original songs by Damon McMahon, who releases contemporary music under Amen Dunes. No matter how brief the loop of my lyre music in whatever specific track it eventually features on Damon's new album, this amazing cross-over of musical genres is the first real small step I have come in attaining my dream, of making the lyre 'mainstream'!



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