New Album - Released Today!

Now available from all major digital music platforms, I am delighted to announce the release today of my antidote to the chaos of the modern world."Musica Lyra" - an ancient Roman-themed album inspired by themes from stoic philosophy. Here is Spotify album link:

The album explores through music, the turbulent emotions of unresolved desires, grief, regrets, longings & sorrows which can cloud the positivity of life, which though endurance of the human spirit & the focus of stoic meditation, can be overcome, until the ultimate stoic ideal of “Amor Fati” - developing a love of fate, no matter what obstacles we may encounter during the brief enigma of our conscious experience of life.

As I have no record company, I literally soley rely on the support of my much valued listeners in order to ‘get my music out there’ to new sets of potentially receptive  ears - if any of you are able to kindly share news of the album's release across social media & include tracks in new Spotify playlists & post album reviews on platforms such as iTunes or Amazon, this would be greatly appreciated!

Warmest wishes,


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