New Collaboration with the World History Encyclopedia!

I am delighted to announce the official start of my collaboration with the World History Encyclopedia - whom I have given permission to feature my ancient-themed lyre music in each and any of their audio presentations, podcasts & YouTube video productions, in perpetuity - the nearest I can get, to a record company, for getting my music out to the 'potentially receptive, niche global target audience'!

Here are a brief selection of some of the many podcasts and videos recently produced by the World History Encyclopedia, which feature my music:

Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia

Dogs in the Ancient World


Greek Mythology

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities - Interview with Author Greg Woolf 


The Minoans: A Civilization of Bronze Age Crete

The Mycenaeans: A Civilization of Bronze Age Greece

Pyramids Around The Globe: The Pyramids of Egypt and Beyond

Famous Female Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities: Interview with Greg Woolf

The Ankh, the Djed and other Ancient Egyptian Symbols and their Meanings


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