Collaboration with Jeff Koons! 

I am amazed to finally be able to publicly announce my collaboration with the iconic American contemporary artist, Jeff Koons!

My music for recreating ancient Greek kithara is now the main soundscape of Jeff Koon's new animatronic sculpture, "Apollo Kithara" (2019 - 2022) on display inside Jeff's magnificent recreation of a Temple of Apollo, on the Greek Island of Hydra. The exhibition is at the DESTE Foundation Project Space, Slaughterhouse, which is a free contemporary art space open to the public on the island, from 21.6.2022 to 31.10.2022:

Jeff is featuring 20 tracks of my recordings of the recreated ancient Greek kithara - the lyre of the professional musicians of classical antiquity, associated in ancient Greece with the god Apollo. He wanted to play my music in the exhibition space as a way to celebrate Apollo (god of music, Olympian god of the sun & light) and the history of the Mediterranean.

According to Jeff's agent, Jeff wanted to incorporate my music as follows:

"With the recordings of your ancient kithara music, Jeff would like to overlay at times acapella recordings of contemporary singers, such as, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Lady Gaga, Lil Uzi Vert, and others. For Jeff, mixing the ancient sounds of the kithara with the acapella vocals of contemporary singers will be exhilarating and play with aspects of time, which will also be visually evident in the exhibition. Jeff seeks and desires a sensual quality to the experience of the exhibition and believes the music will amplify this connection to the past, present, and future."




My Interview with the World History Encyclopedia! 

I am pleased to announce the publication on YouTube, of my interview with the World History Encyclopedia - the most detailed discussion on my musical mission to date! 

The interview features demonstrations of almost all my recreated ancient lyres, all the background about my musical inspiration, with detailed discussion on topics ranging from the myth of monophony in ancient music, ancient tuning systems derived from Pythagorean numerical cosmology, how ancient lyre playing techniques can be inferred from ancient classical texts & from how lyres are still being played throughout the continent of Africa today: 



My Lyre Music - on the Covermount CD of Songlines Magazine! 

I am delighted to announce that one of my arrangements for solo lyre of the 2000 year old ancient Greek "Song of Seikilos", from my 2015 album, "The Lyre of Apollo: The Chelys Lyre of Ancient Greece" is featured on the covermount CD of the 2021 November/December edition (Issue Number 172) of Songlines Magazine!

The magazine can either be purchased in print or digitally downloaded 

There is also a full page story in the magazine, on the inspiration behind my ancient-themed lyre music:


Viral Video Games - and Ancient-Themed Lyre Music!  

I am delighted to announce that My ancient-themed lyre music is now both the main theme & entire soundscape, of the brand new mod of the video game from Paradox Developement Studio, 'Crusader Kings III', entitled: "APOTHEOSIS: THE HELLENISTIC AGE"

Featuring a wide selection of my ancient Greek-themed music, the main theme of the mod, which automatically plays each and every time the mod is first opened, is my track "Paean to Ares" - from my 2016 album, "Kithara of the Golden Age".

The awesomely ancient historically immersing mod of the game is available now, from here.

Who needs really boring stuff, like a 'record company'!


Over ONE MILLION Streams on Spotify! 


I am literally astounded to annouce, that my first compilation album for solo lyre, "Ancient Landscapes" now has OVER ONE MILLION COMPLETE STREAMS on Spotify!!!


At 72 minutes in duration, astonishingly, this is the equivalent of this album being played in a continuous loop, 6 hours a day...FOR 544YEARS!!!

Just possibly, more people have probably heard the sound of my lyre in this one release, than during the entire epoch of antiquity when the original lyres of the ancient world were still being played - bring on the 'New Ancestral' Music Revolution!


My Lyre Theme - in Rufus Wainwright's Opera! 

Yes, a tune I conjured up in my spare room, has been melodically incorporated into Rufus Wainwright's "Hadrian" - quite possibly, the most flambouyant new opera of the 21st century...

The full story of my collaboration with Rufus Wainwright was featured in a story in "The Globe and Mail" 

In short, on 27th April 2017, I was contacted by Cori Ellison, who was serving on behalf of Canadian Opera Company in Toronto as the dramaturg for the production:

“Mr. Wainwright has become acquainted with your work, particularly the 'Hymn to Zeus', and would very much like to incorporate a few musical quotations from that piece and perhaps some others in his opera. Might you be amenable to that?”

A telephone conference was arranged between myself, Rufus and Cori on 25th May 2017, whilst Rufus was still on tour in Bergen!

During the course of the conversation, Rufus told me he particularly liked my composition, “Hymn to Zeus” (track 3 from my 2010 album, “Apollo’s Lyre”) which he described in our telephone conference as

 “...a really beautiful melody”.

“Hymn to Zeus” is a piece I composed for lyre, in the intense ancient Greek Dorian Mode; the equivalent intervals as E-E on the white notes of the piano (and misnamed the “Phrygian” mode by scholars in the early Middle Ages). This was also the favourite musical mode of Plato himself, who thought the Dorian mode was the only mode of true moral worth. It has a distinctively introspective and haunting meditative quality. 

Incredibly, my lyre theme was melodically incorporated into literally the two most dramatic scenes of the entire opera - in Act II, Scene IV; when Hadrian relives the moment he first met his lover, Antinous and later, in Act III Scene VIII; when Hadrian finally learns the awful truth behind the mystery surrounding Antinous's death.

How I finally managed to acquire the HD video footage of my lyre theme in Act II Scene IV of the premiere of the opera, was almost like divine intervention from Antinous himself!

After learning the awful truth that my laptop screen capture app miserably failed to record the one-off "Watch Party" livestream of the premiere & after pleading on Twitter, if anyone else out there had recorded the one-off livestream of the opera, I was contacted by an actual latter-day Priest from Brazil's First Temple of Antinous - who finally enabled me to see the opera; almost 2 years after the premiere in Toronto!!! The best things in life, are certainly those worth waiting for...

As an independent artist, to find one of my own compositions featured in such an epic-scaled production as “Hadrian” truly feels to me, like a ‘Libation to Apollo’ – in my efforts to bring his long-forgotten lyres and ancient musical magic, back to life in the 21st century and beyond!


New Collaboration with the World History Encyclopedia! 

I am delighted to announce the official start of my collaboration with the World History Encyclopedia - whom I have given permission to feature my ancient-themed lyre music in each and any of their audio presentations, podcasts & YouTube video productions, in perpetuity - the nearest I can get, to a record company, for getting my music out to the 'potentially receptive, niche global target audience'!

Here are a brief selection of some of the many podcasts and videos recently produced by the World History Encyclopedia, which feature my music:

Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia

Dogs in the Ancient World


Greek Mythology

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities - Interview with Author Greg Woolf 


The Minoans: A Civilization of Bronze Age Crete

The Mycenaeans: A Civilization of Bronze Age Greece

Pyramids Around The Globe: The Pyramids of Egypt and Beyond

Famous Female Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities: Interview with Greg Woolf

The Ankh, the Djed and other Ancient Egyptian Symbols and their Meanings


My Music is to become a 'National Treasure' - LITERALLY! 

I have just been contacted by a music curator from the BRITISH LIBRARY SOUND ARCHIVE - who wants to preserve for posterity in the NATIONAL COLLECTION, the entire repertoire of my 'New Ancestral' musical creations...for all future generations!!

As far as my musical mission goes, at reintroducing the recreated lyres & ancient musical modes back into the modern musical world, for me, this is a truly 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED MOMENT'! Orpheus may have been the most legendary mythological lyre player of antiquity, but unlike me, neither he nor all the actual lyre players of ancient times had the either the opportunity or the technology to preserve their musical art, forever, in perpetuity - NOW I DO!

Not only will each and every track from each and every album and single I have continually been releasing since 2008 be painstakingly conserved and preserved, but also, so will the original, raw 'live' YouTube audio which originally resulted from my 2008 'live from my spare room' rendition of the oldest written melody in history (Hurrian Hymn Text H6) - currently the most viewed presentation of  any extremely early music, on the planet!

This is about the nearest I have ever come to something akin to the iconic Sci Fi ideal of  achieving immortal...via mind-uploading!

Indeed, to quote Grimes, from her utterly epic 2018 single, "We Appreciate Power"...

"...And if you long to never die 
Baby, plug in, upload your mind 
Come on, you're not even alive 
If you're not backed up on a drive 

And if you long to never die 
Baby, plug in, upload your mind 
Come on, you're not even alive 
If you're not backed up, backed up on a drive"

...I AM NOW!!